At The Peak Of The Acute Sensations

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Great Commentary is a book that was written close to 3,600 years ago. Much later it was amended again and again, but the beginning of its creation coincided with Abraham leaving Babylon and the subsequent destruction of the kingdom of Babylon. The Great Commentary is a book of chronicles that accompanied the history of the people throughout the many years before they went into the Egyptian exile.

There it is said that when the sacrificial animals were ready, it was Aaron’s turn to begin the sacred service. But he stood and didn’t move. “Aaron, go out!” shouted Moses. “Why are you stalling? Indeed you were chosen to be the high priest. Find the courage to begin the sacred service!” But Aaron continued to stand hesitantly, because every time he looked at the altar, the altar took on the outline of a bull.

Question: How does a person feel inside himself when the altar takes on the outline of a bull?

Answer: For me these words don’t evoke any associations with bulls. First of all, this is all about one person. But because it is difficult for us to describe the actions that are considered as happening within one person, let’s describe them as people who identify and feel everything as one person, how their feelings are mutual and their sensations acute.

As one person, they begin to elevate themselves, dividing themselves into the people (Israel), Levites serving the people, and the Cohens, the highest level of service in a person. For in a person, meaning in the general image of an Adam (human), in the general Partzuf there are three levels, NHY ( Neshama. Haya, Yechida), HGT (Hesed, Gvurah, Tifferet), HBD (Hochma, Bina, Daat).

In principle, they are always gathering and assembling the image of the whole person, of Adam. So they begin to feel whether they rise to the level of Aaron, coming into contact with the Creator. Their mission is to reach adherence between them, for only in connection do they rise sequentially to the level of the “people,” to the level of the Levites, and after that to the level of the Cohens, and from the level of Cohens to the level of Aaron, and after that they attain the level of Moses.

That is how they solve the problem of connection for themselves, and in their common unity, which is called Mishkan, the dweller (Shochen) is discovered. The dweller is the Creator who is felt in a person as having descended to this place and filling it, like a fog that fills a valley.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/15/13

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