A Kabbalist Is A Scientist Who Studies The Upper Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanA regular science studies and explores matter, the will to enjoy. We study the still, vegetative, and animate degrees of desire by learning about their behavior, testing their reactions to various stimulants, accumulating them, and creating a science.

We can study our own matter, the desire to receive of the human degree, test it, and make a science out of it as well. This is how the wisdom of Kabbalah emerged.

It derives solely from empirical conclusions that a person learns by experimenting on himself. There is no book that falls from the sky as there is no voice that comes from Above.

A Kabbalist is a person who studies nature and discovers its unifying force. This force produces the energy that has constructed the entire Universe. We regard this force as the Creator and study how we can affect it and how it responds to our actions. This is what we call the wisdom of Kabbalah.

We see that all natural sciences that study the corporeal world, the still, the vegetative, and the animate levels, as well as the wisdom of Kabbalah, derive from the knowledge of this one global force, which affects all levels of matter or desire. Hence, the wisdom of Kabbalah that studies this unifying force and its effect on the matter it created is the most general science. And all the other sciences are included in it.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/15/10, “A Handmaid that is Heir to Her Mistress”

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