Who Will Get The Blessing?

Laitman_043Midrash Rabbah, “Parashat Balak”: Balaam relates to Moses with unique hostility because he realizes that Moses is not inferior to him in wisdom.

Balaam is Moses’ cousin, which means that they are on the same level, they have the same power, the same opportunities, but the difference is that Balaam doesn’t have the attribute of bestowal (Bina), which Moses brings the world.

The question is what Jacob actually stole and how Moses uses this theft. What Balaam would like to get back and give the nations that are behind him and live in the land of Israel at the time, and the answer is the blessing.

But it is impossible to take that now. The blessing shows what will be revealed in the end since what is important is not what happens now but what will happen in the end: who will remain.

Moses will remain and the nation of Israel that has the force of connecting to the Creator will remain. It can change egoism into the attribute of love and bestowal, and whatever does fit the correction disappears. Balaam disappears into nowhere.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/5/15

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