The Family Of The Future Is A Fusion Of Minds And Hearts

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does an earthly family with a corrected spiritual relationship look like?

Answer: It is difficult to say since we have not yet seen such examples in our lives. For now, we are still in a state of breakage, in exile.

Therefore, since the time of Rabbi Akiva, after the destruction of the Temple, we know nothing about such families who would correspond to the corrected spiritual relationship with the Creator.

Moreover, it is written about how Kabbalists of the past suffered because of their wives who often had very difficult personalities and presented many grievances and demands. Kabbalists accepted it as inevitable and a consequence of the breakage and exile in which we exist.

A spiritual couple should feel as if it exists in one body, in common agreement and understanding, completing each other in a fusion of minds, hearts, and mutual intentions. Everything that exists in the body of the other, in their mind and heart, I accept as my own thoughts and feelings.

And these are not just nice words but are truly felt even on the most earthly, physiological level. If something is hurting in your partner, then you feel this pain in your body, even if they do not tell you about it. This is a complete union of bodies in accordance with the union of souls.

We will come to this state as soon as we begin to correct ourselves in relation to our general love for one another.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/30/15

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  1. What does it mean malchut cant be corrected? Did i heared that in tes? What was it?

  2. I dont remember when though But they said defienacy (i am not sure what it is exactly but) never ends, dont worry? Then why rav laitman says there wasnt deficiancy for kabbalists? Is it changing after sometime perhaps?

  3. Hey i think i found some is about the fund and going to physical congresses.i couldnt understand very much how they are linked with some angry things I think both is stupid.counted as deficency right?

  4. Since a family is an entanglement of a group of overlapping relationships, would all the members of the Family need to be corrected either through study or good deeds to a particular spiritual quality or attainment? How far would say a basic Modern Family Home need to advance to reach the state of ‘Families who correspond to the Spiritual relationship with their Creator’ ?

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