Radioactive Mini Bombs – The New Weapon Of Jihad

Laitman_417In the News ( “Mini bombs and radioactive cesium. The innovative weapons of jihadists are the new nightmare of Western intelligence agencies.

“This scenario, revealed by the Associated Press investigation suggested a sale to Isis of smuggled radioactive material to make bombs for the use of the Caliphate of Al Baghdadi. It would be Saudi engineer Al Asiri, the man, who provides the lethal technologies to ISIS.

“In fact, if these weapons ended up in the hands of Islamic terrorists in large quantities, there would be no limit to the terrorist threat. And because the jihadists are people without any moral conscious, and because the explosives hidden in this mini bombs can be hidden, even in printer cartridges, in briefs, luggage, and even transplanted surgically in the body of a selected bomber selected …But not only, even in flash drives that only by inserting into a computer could trigger a bomb capable of killing many more people than regular bombs. …”The alarm about the micro bombs caused Americans and British to introduce body scanners at all airports at risk.”

My Comment: Nothing can limit terrorism; millions are invested in it. When we oppose it on the national level, we try to get closer to its beginning, not in order to discover the terrorist act itself, but to discover it even when it is being planned in its earliest stages, in the ideological and practical stage. And if we want to go back even further, to the beginning, we realize that it is possible to reign it in only if we rise to a higher level of development. This means that through connection with the general system of all nature, as its central part, we can balance the system of forces and bring them to a balanced state that will completely negate the creation of higher negative forces.

This is when we already understand that nature is forcing us through threats to rise to the level of the higher anti-egoistic forces of connection.

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