Money Is No Longer A Capitalistic Objective

laitman_600_02Opinion (Ivan Novikov, economist): “The classic formula of capitalism: “money—goods—money” is outdated due to the fact that wealthy people have put an end to centralization and are controlling their expenses by themselves using a private institute, the Federal Reserve Board of Governors (FRB). Accordingly, money is no longer a capitalistic objective.

“The new formula of modern capitalism (of globalization) is: money—instability—assets. It is about the control and domination of the economies of states by using the method of sanctions and wars, the centralization of assets by economic, political and military tools throughout the world. Having unlimited amounts of money the elites of developed countries wring all the other countries of their assets and enslave them.”

My Comment: But in the meantime the world has become interdependent and nature forces everyone to unite. So despite the aspirations of modern capitalism, nature will crush us and subdue and enslave us to its own path of evolution.

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