Global Financial Parasitism Creates Conditions For A New Disaster

laitman_426In the News (mixednews): “The total volume of mergers and acquisitions in the United States that has grown by 60% within a year. Likewise there exists extreme uncertainty regarding the working principles of the global economy.

“The European Union supposes that the constitutions of Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy, which were written after the defeat of fascism, contain too much protection of civil and labor rights. The European Union supposes that it is necessary to return to the political, economic and social conditions that prevailed in the period of the fascist regimes, when capital had complete unlimited freedom of action.

“For the past two years, these programs have been realized by Greece by means of dictates from the European Union, the International Monetary Fund and the Central Bank of Europe. So the economic and social disaster that happened in Greece was not a result of the unique conditions that are typical of this nation only, but as a result of the general bankruptcy of the global capitalist system. Greece is the testing ground for steps that will soon be implemented in every nation, arousing concern among the financial and business elites.”

My Comment: The world is managed by nothing other than the laws of nature, and so no person or group knows what will happen. But there is a mistaken form of freedom of action. This illusion exists within each and everyone. The only action that a person or a group of people or humanity can implement is to aspire to the goal of creation, to consolidation into a complete fusion of our desires and thoughts.

We are being carried towards this situation against our will as if we were in an ocean current, with the help of an accompanying demonstration of opposite states, crises, and our lack of accommodation to consolidation. Ahead of us is the turbulence of world war or sobriety.

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