A Virtual World

laitman_423_01Question: Why is our reality called a virtual reality while the spiritual reality is called a concealed reality?

Answer: It is because we don’t perceive our reality by the same vessels, senses, that we feel the spiritual world. We cannot describe anything in the real spiritual world in our reality, in our words.

The question arises, “How our reality can exist if it is a branch of the upper root?” It doesn’t exist. It is imaginary. This is the reason it is called an invented reality that has no connection with the upper world.

And  everything I do in this world, all my efforts,  do they affect the upper world? We influence the upper only to the extent that we desire to be involved with all stages of spirituality, to the revelations in our point in the heart, but not by what is revealed by our five corporeal senses. So is there any connection between spirituality and all the actions and the commandments that we fulfill in this world? No, after all it is an imaginary world.

All the spiritual levels exist and they are all included in the world of Ein Sof (Infinity), while this world simply disappears and doesn’t exist. It exists only if there is a point in the heart through which we enter the spiritual ladder. Everything else is considered corporeal existence, as it written: “all are like animals.” Therefore, our world is worthless except for the work with the point in the heart in order to bring it through the Machsom (barrier) and into the spiritual ladder. This is the reason that the world exists only for those who carry out and fulfill this.

Question: If this world doesn’t exist and is imaginary, why are there upper worlds that we hear about in our imaginary world?

Answer: There is a true reality that exists and there is an imaginary reality that exists only with respect to a person who dwells in a dream. What is the difference between the two? That’s the question… why isn’t this dream the true reality? Why am I not in a dream now? Who can prove to me that I am not? Could I be sleeping now and the alarm clock will go off soon and I will discover that I haven’t woken up for the lesson yet?

We will not know whether we are in an imaginary world or not unless we enter the spiritual world, unless the alarm goes off. When we begin to reveal the spiritual world after we wake up from the dream, we will see that “it is as if we were dreaming.”

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  1. Baal HaSulam talk about the different between psychological and spiritual barrier. Can you develop this topic clearly? It’s frustrating listening to the students talking about the barrier like a “mantra” …

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