Are We Awake or Still Asleep?

laitman_928Question: Kabbalists say that when a person discovers the spiritual world he realizes that his entire former life was a dream. What does this mean?

Answer: Sometimes it may seem to us that we are living as if in a dream. And oftentimes dreams possess such force and clarity that they have a huge impact on us, even more so than what takes place in this life. These dreams impact us so deeply with the feeling they leave.

Sometimes dreams at night continue the events that take place during the day and it is hard to decipher if one is asleep or awake.

Question: Don’t we wake up eventually!?

Answer: The actual question is do we really wake up or do we just dream about being awake?

If we look at our reality, then we can really see how limited we are. We perceive this reality with our five senses: vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch, and nothing else! Perhaps there are other ways of perceiving reality that are unavailable to us?

We are even deprived of the reality animals perceive. For instance, a dog perceives a world of smells; a snake perceives the world in heat patterns. A snake sees the picture of the world made up of warm and cold spots, as if pixels on a monitor.

We live in the world where it is possible to discover something new every minute, but we do not feel where it comes from. The universe expands, our entire life develops, and perhaps this takes place according to some program? Must a program of creation exist?

We see that everything in the world takes place according to clear, unchanging laws. If some random event takes place in our life, this means that we have no idea where it came from. It should not be doubted that it was a legitimate result of some formula.

Question: Am I in a dream or in a real life?

Answer: It is impossible to determine.

Question: I still see a room around me, various objects, and people?

Answer: You can still see and feel everything in the dream as well. In the dream and in reality we still see some picture and at the same time are unable to determine if it is real or fake.

Only after awakening can we tell if we were asleep before. So far, we live this life and still cannot awaken. Inside this life we dream that we are asleep or sometimes wake up, and besides we do not know anything else. Perhaps there are higher levels of sleep and being awake out there? Kabbalah talk about such levels.

A person can attain the opening of one’s eyes by studying Kabbalah and raise to the level where all of the reality will be revealed. This is when one will realize that  one has been asleep the entire time prior to this.

In our time, in our generation, we are obliged to wake up and exit the slumber where we exist without realizing the purpose of our life. Kabbalah provides us with the methodology by which we can really wake up.
From the Radio Program Israeli 103FM 2/8/15

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