Wake Up In The Spiritual World

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe weekly Torah portion “Truma” (Offering) is not talking about our false reality in this illusory world, which we perceive in our desire. Why is it illusory? It is because we have been given this form of our unconscious state where it seems to us that we exist.

There are movies showing how everyone sleeps a deep, somnambulant sleep and everything takes place in the dream. This is the state we are in today because we are separated from the true reality. Our reality is a kind of dream, which is why it is written, “We were like in a dream.”

It seems to us that we exist in reality, like the horse driver who went to heaven and to compensate for the suffering he endured, he received the reality he had in the earthly world: a wife, children, a home, a carriage, and a good horse. This means that a person receives what he desires. It says in The Book of Zohar that a person in the world to come is asked, “What did you want?” Of course, no one asks anyone about anything and nothing of the sort takes place, but in the end a person receives what he aspired to.

The same is true in our reality. Right now we exist in an imaginary world, but when we start independently building the true reality, we have to build it the way it says in this Torah portion. When I work on my desire, if I gradually transform my egoistic intention into the intention of bestowal, then I attain a new Kli in which I reveal a new reality. I build the Tabernacle and in the process I reveal the spiritual world more and more, until it becomes fully revealed.
From the lesson on the weekly Torah portion on 2/4/11

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