The Right Intention Reveals The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Are we now making the right offering for the Tabernacle, or is the Creator putting it together piece by piece? Who is the architect?

Answer: Of course, we do not understand anything about our work just like a two-year-old child grows without knowing what he should become like when reaching three years. He does not plan the process of his growth and does not form himself at the age of three years. In the same way, we make a Menorah (a seven-branched candelabrum) by throwing a piece of gold into the fire and then having it emerge by itself. But how does it happen “by itself”?

The matter is that you cannot do anything yourself. If you prepare your intention (not the action, but only the intention!), if you build it in the middle line, then the Light will turn your matter precisely into the form that this matter has to assume. This matter cannot take on any other form! In other words, it already has this form, and you must only reveal it by having your intention reveal this picture to you.

You enter a world that is ready ahead of time! When you reveal the “ball and the flower," “the Menorah,” “the table,” "the onyx and other stones,” you are revealing what already exists. You are the one renewing your perception. You reveal it; it becomes revealed to you and inside of you. You build your vision, perception, understanding, and agreement. According to the extent of your agreement, you don’t see the external form, but you see that everything is inside of you. Your vision becomes internal.

Right now what you see seems external to you, but in spirituality you see that everything is inside. Then your perception is authentic. You no longer have the illusion you are in now where it seems to you that the world exists outside of you, that there is you and the world. In spirituality this lie does not exist. You feel that everything is inside of you, inside of the soul with which you identify yourself.
From the lesson on the weekly Torah portion on 2/4/11

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