Objective Reality or Common Misconception?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: They try to eliminate the impact of human factors on the results of experiments as much as possible while conducting experimental research. On the contrary, why does Kabbalah put a person at the center of research and connects everything through one?

Answer: It is obvious that everything depends on the perception of a person; however, we forget about this all the time. We understand that our feelings are all we have. We still get confused, thinking that everyone sees the same world and agrees with this picture. So it seems to us that the picture does not depend on our feelings.

Here is where the error lies. We think that if seven billion see the same thing, it is an objective picture. But suppose we look at an object flying in the air and say that its size is two meters. Everyone measures it and agrees with it. Then this object approaches and everyone can see that it is two kilometers in size. But, before when we measured it, we agreed it was two meters in size, thinking that to be the truth.

We perceive the true picture of the world rather than the relative picture based only on general opinion. We do not add that it exists only in relation to our senses, but this is an extremely important addition. Although it is not necessary in our world, we only want to explore the true objective reality outside the world.

An objective reality in our world is what most people think exists.
From KabTV’s “The Meeting of Worlds” 5/12/14

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