We All Are One Soul, Part 1


Life Is the Result of Connection

Question: You say that all of us are connected in a single network; all of us are like one big soul. Today this subject is of concern to many in the world; there is lots of information and many articles about studies on this subject on the Internet. People sense that all of us are parts of one big system. Are we truly parts of a single soul?

Answer: We all are one soul. A soul is a tremendous desire to live, to exist, inherent in all levels of nature. In inanimate nature all atoms and molecules want to exist, to maintain their connection. In order to destroy a compound, energy, heat, or pressure must be applied.

After all, every part of nature seeks to protect itself. This instinct of self-preservation is called the desire to receive, to enjoy, taking care of oneself. To the degree of their development, all kinds of substances connect together, increasing the quantity of components that are included in connection, and then the quality. This is how life evolves on Earth.

Gradually, from amoebas and primitive organisms, all of the complex organisms evolved that lived first in the water and after that emerged on dry land.

We see that all of life comes from the union of parts; it is specifically their connection that produces quantitative and qualitative development on a higher and higher level, until reaching the human. The physiological human body is composed of an immense quantity of components.

But in addition, it has the unique ability of perceiving the world intellectually and emotionally, which is what we call the human mind and heart.

Through the mind and the heart, a person goes beyond the limits of his body, wanting to attain what doesn’t belong to our three -dimensional measurement; he aspires to go out to tremendous distances, going into space, implementing a leap in time and space.

And all of this is thanks to the inner human spirit whose complexity is no longer determined by atoms and molecules but by sensations beyond matter. All physical and seemingly “spiritual” development happens thanks to a more complex organization, a greater connection and the appearance of new connections.

This development is similar to the evolution of computers. The first calculators were completely mechanical, with gears. Then they evolved, becoming electric and then electronic. But everything is derived from simple operations with zero and one. Just as in our life, there is plus or minus. A big plus is a lot of ones and a big minus is a lot of zeroes. But this is the extent of a unit of measure, for everything else is derived from connection, outside of which there is nothing.

All of the complexity and immortality of creation, all of the greatness of the human brain, is determined by the billions of cells in the human brain, each one of them being minus or plus, zero or one.

But when they connect together, they make it possible for us to register an infinite amount of information and compare it to itself. As a result of the comparison of emotional and mental information, a more and more developed human perception of the world appears.

To be continued….
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 11/18/15

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