The Switch For The Higher Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does it mean to give pleasure to the Creator with the right intention? “Giving pleasure to the Creator” sounds rather abstract.

Answer: Suppose we have the privilege of working with each other. We must become friends. I must reach a state where I feel you are so close to me that it seems that a part appears between us as a single whole, as if we were conjoined twins. There could be one liver or one heart and all the rest is different.

Something in common appears between us, and in this commonality, I feel the Creator who is connecting us together. He deliberately made a separation between us and is now connecting us. Ultimately we become connected together as a single whole.

Question: So to whom am I giving pleasure?

Answer: You discover in the connection between us a common force called the “Creator,” and you feel how happy He is about the state where we merge and become “One.” By merging into a single whole, we feel Him there because He is One.. This is already a single Kli (vessel) that can feel its upper source, the Creator.

This is one precise activity and there is nothing else like it in nature. As in mathematics, there is zero and something different from zero. Everything else is built only on this. So at the moment, when you reach the One, when you and a friend merge together, then his spiritual source, the Creator, is revealed in him. All the effort that you invested in your connection now becomes happiness that you discover in him.

In this is the right effort, to become connected together, “as one person with one heart.” “With one heart” means that you have the same desires, a single intention, the same thoughts, and the same yearnings to help and complete each other. This is what you must attain here, at least in some particular place under these conditions.

Comment: I don’t understand to what I must connect myself.

Answer: The Upper Light will influence you. You must do this! Only you can summon it. There is a kind of switch, and when you turn it on, the Upper Light works.

Question: Where is this switch found, in the mind or in the heart?

Answer: In the heart. The mind is necessary to understand what to do with the heart. The switch is found in the heart, meaning the desires, where are they directed, towards what states? “And the next state that I want to receive emotionally indicates the direction of the heart.”

Comment: I haven’t understood anything.

Answer: It is good that you understand that you haven’t understood anything. This means that already in you there is a very good internal collection of characteristics and feelings. You understand that this isn’t simple, that everything slips away, that our ego becomes an obstacle for us. What can you do with it? It is precisely because you want to feel everything deeply that you say that you haven’t understood anything. The heart understands, the mind doesn’t, and we don’t need to become confused about this. The mind is given to us only to scrutinize and analyze our states.

I am trying to answer you emotionally only, but I could convey everything through diagrams, like Kabbalists do. When my students have no spiritual states, I make sketches for them. And then, when there is an inner state, I address that specifically. Basically, how could this be portrayed? Every person already draws it for himself in his heart.

Turn on the switch, so that the Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light) will influence you. Nothing else will help! Only the Light! But you must know its direction and imagine that correctly within yourself.
From the Convention In Sochi 8/25/14, lesson 2

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