The Crisis Means The Birth Of Something New

Laitman_120Opinion (WORLDCRISIS): “We are standing at the brink of huge and meaningful changes, which many are imagining to themselves. The system is exhausted and has become completely obsolete. When, several months ago, Rothschild announced that the period of running after profits had ended, he didn’t lie. Firstly, one must understand several fundamental things…

  1. All the modern values and their relationships were created by a system that is collapsing. And before it completely disappears, it will do everything in order to become the sole owner of controlling interest in the world.
  2. The system, out of necessity, takes what it wants for itself, until the moment of its death.
  3. It is impossible to save, ‘what has accumulated by hard labor,’ if, at any given moment, you don’t use ‘that which has accumulated’ until now.
  4. The process of the collapse of the system is accompanied by the end of global phenomena and destruction of the connections between countries.
  5. The collapse of the existing system will be general, which means that it will touch every aspect of life, in all countries and areas.
  6. Not only the process, but also the sequence of events in the process, will not be possible to predict, so there will be no need to run around and try to transfer the existing properties from one form to another form.”

My Comment: Finally Rothschild and others will begin to openly recognize the new incomprehensible and objecitve socio-economic reality and not attempt to convince humanity that nothing out of the ordinary is happening.

This recognition should signal to us that besides “continuing everything as it is,” since no one knows how to behave, Bnei Baruch should organize an international center for the study of the phenomena for all those interested (on the Internet in the main languages.)

The phenomena that is to be born is known to us (the Kabbalists) and is foreseen by us in advance, and the exit from it, meaning the birth of a new society, has already for some time been described by us, and the system to a gradual transition to new socio-economic relationships (integral), needs to be dictated by us, together with experts of the dying system.

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