Preparing The Young Generation For Implementing The Plan Of Nature

Laitman_036Question: What is to be done with schools, universities, and work, if people don’t want anything?

Answer: First of all, a person must learn the method for realizing the goal of creation, which is for all of humanity to reach attaining absolute love, mutual connection, and bestowal to one another.

And on that basis, doing whatever is necessary to achieve it, which means getting the right education and information. Certainly we need to provide ourselves with everything, because if the younger generation doesn’t want to work or learn, what will happen to it when the older generation cease to exist?

So we need to understand the entire program of the world and recognize that the years of youth are given so that people will prepare themselves for life, meaning the maximum realization of the program of nature: absolute harmony of all of humanity with nature, and full mutual connection, love, and cooperation between them. That is how our next level of development and exit to another level of existence is attained.

For this, first and foremost we need to be involved with education. And in order to exist respectably on the physical level, we need to be concerned about the minimal requirements: nourishment, a dwelling place, communications, and everything else, acquiring a profession, developing industry, but to the degree that it is necessary for attaining the goal. If we reach this, we will see that we need very little. Of everything that we manufacture today, 90% could be thrown into the garbage. We require simple healthy nourishment, simple clothing, a normal and comfortable place to live so we won’t divert our attention from the goal of existence and will make it possible to be involved with our internal work. So 90% of the population of the world cannot work at all, or the entire population on Earth will begin to work, let’s say, two hours per week, and this will be enough to supply ourselves with everything that is needed.

Question: Why is there no way for us to achieve this?

Answer: Because the ego pushes us forward: It needs more and more, and this is very beneficial for someone. It is not by chance that lots of money is spent on advertising and the media, which educate us in such a manner to convince us that “You need everything.” But in the meantime people only need to know about the true force of nature and its purpose. I hope that in the next few years everyone will know this.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 10/8/15

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