The East Has Gone To The West

laitman_430In the News ( “So Europe this year will get a million-odd migrant workers with all the surprises it implies. …

“…is it possible to dramatically change the immigration laws in the European countries, to cancel benefits for refugees, and temporarily limit their entry?

“To do this, the whole of Europe to decide in each country individually to do this is unrealistic. In every country there are certain circles who say, ‘No, you can not close the way these poor refugees.’ That is, it is theoretically possible, but practically it is hardly possible to do it.

“The most effective, but also unrealistic – is to try to arrange the normal conditions in the countries where the refugees are.

“Europe’s population – 500 million people. A million immigrants coming this year – it is not even one percent,  a quarter percent. …

“…. You sucked all of Africa’s wealth – now you have to share with them.

“Europe will have to share their wealth. It is not necessary to destroy the house and the whole country. You want them to have joined the Western European democracy? Here they have it and are attached. You wanted Iraqis, Syrians and others to live the same as in France or Germany? They come to you. It’s just a pity the Americans can not in any way share their way of life with 10-20 million refugees who go around the world through their own fault.”

My Comment: This migration will not lead to the dissolution of the Arabs in Europe, but the “dissolution” of Europe itself. Even Russia will deport them to the West.

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