Emigrating In The Name Of Allah

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (newscom.md): “Speaking at the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, Ayed said  that the European countries rolled out the ‘red-carpet’ for the Moslem immigrants, not because they were compassionate, but because Europe desperately needs new sources of labor. …

“Today we live in times that let you see the global war on an unimaginable scale, with all the world leaders are like blind bats, helpless and powerless, and are not willing to stop the madness. Any idiot can see the coming Muslim invasion. The whole strange situation with Muslim immigrants – a tactic of war! …

“We will soon trample them under our feet in the name of Allah. …

“We will have children with them because we have to conquer their lands! …

“Ayed said that ‘whether you like it or not’ Americans, Italians, Germans and the French will have to accept the ‘refugees.’ …

“Europe is facing a demographic disaster because its citizens don’t have children anymore. …

“‘Emigrating for the sake of Allah means invading new lands in order to spread Islam there. And in Islam this is considered a very worthy act.'”

My Comment: Everything is happening exactly as it is written in the Torah about the end of days (the correction of the world). Islam will conquer the world and everyone will turn against Israel. The method of correcting the world will be revealed in order to raise the world to the level of mutual unity and the revelation of the Creator.

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  1. What is happening at this moment in time is a reflection of self serving action. The entire Middle East is a study in use and abuse.

    As someone who has seen these refugees up close I can tell you that 95% of them, like all humans, are looking for what most humans want. 1. Surety of an existence at some reasonable level of comfort and security. 2. Hope for themselves and their families. 3. The right to a reasonable share in some sort of a good life. Is there anyone here who doesn’t want that? Most of these people are no different from you or I. They just have different luck. Personally, I have not seen hatred very much in this wave of people trying to escape ISIS and Assad. I have seen courage, hope, and desperation. Of course, as is true in all of humanity there will always be the good ones and the bad ones. The true question that must be explored is why is there so much hatred here? Why? Why is faith in God, regardless of the name attached, always manipulated into something that has nothing to do with what “God” represents in all religions. Surely it almost always has something to do with personal gain.

    The truth of the matter is that disparity of good fortune and lack, produce hatred, distrust, and action that might cause distress to those considered the fortunate ones . Therefore, the only true correction is the one you have at the head of this web site “To change the world change man” This phrase says it all. It is time for balance in this world…among nations and people.

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