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How To Convey The Knowledge Of The Spiritual World?

Laitman_060_02Question: Why can’t the Kabbalists describe the spiritual world in such a way that we can understand that it is worth aspiring to it?

Answer: The problem is that it is impossible to describe the spiritual world because none of its properties or sensations exist in our current desires. The laws of the spiritual world do not coincide with the laws of our world.

Therefore, Kabbalists describe the upper world using a special language, the language of branches, which is not intended to provide an explanation because we still cannot even imagine this world, or depict it in our egoistic properties.

For example, your computer has one program and suddenly you receive an email composed in a different program that you don’t have. Whatever you do, you won’t be able to receive this message.

Instead, it will open as confusing information in the form of various characters. You will not understand what was sent to you. You will not be able to absorb it or receive it in your computer.

The same is happening here. The Kabbalists tell us something about the upper world, but we look at them like an animal looks at the human. In order to understand them, one needs to obtain the property of the upper world, and then it becomes clear what they convey.
From the Kabbalah Lesson 10/11/15

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The Solution To Terror, Part 5 – The Condition For Attaining Peace

laitman_600_04Comment: You say that the solution to terror should be to strengthen the foundations of the Jewish nation. But I think that terror will stop only when we create two countries between the sea and the Jordan River.

Answer: This isn’t a feasible solution. Even from a perfectly corporeal perspective we see that there is no one we can talk to about peace agreements, not to mention the fact that it is not a solution if we look at things from a higher spiritual level.

We have to take into account that the world is advancing towards unity whether we like it or not. We will eventually have to connect with our Arab neighbors either along the path of the Light, called “I will hasten it,” hastening time, or along the path of sufferings, called “in its time.”

Suppose we were given twenty years along the time axis in order to reach complete peace with the Arabs. Let’s assess our chances realistically: Is it possible to do it in this time span or not? Is there anyone with whom we can reach a peace agreement? Do the Arabs agree to that?

They don’t agree to any of the conditions except that we will also become Moslems and that the Caliphate regime will govern all of the Middle East and the whole world too. Only then will the Arabs put an end to terrorism.

No other solution will satisfy them. We will soon see how this takes place in Europe: Christianity will disappear and instead of the cathedrals and churches there will be mosques.

Therefore, consider whether you want this to happen in Israel or not. If you don’t, we have no other choice but to start implementing the method of the wisdom of Kabbalah. After all, from the Arab’s point of view there cannot be two states here but only one Caliphate.

We should carefully assess whether we have another means to oppose that besides the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/5/15, Lesson on the Topic: “The Answer to Terrorism — Strengthening the Foundations of the Nation”

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About Personal Conflicts

laitman_549_02Question: How do you solve personal conflicts with people?

Answer: I know that many don’t agree with me, but I am always willing to listen to anyone. I see that people don’t understand me and this arouses a feeling of hostility and rejection in them.

But I don’t feel any hatred towards them, and this is in something that corrects me.

According to what I am learning about the disclosure of the upper management, and accordingly my ability to change, I change.

I justify people who don’t understand me; I am not coming to them from above. I truly understand their nature.
From KabTV’s “Confrontation. How it works in reality” 10/28/15

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The Terrorist Within Us

laitman_293Question: What is your attitude toward Arabs?

Answer: I don’t relate to anyone or anything in any specific manner. I see everyone as puppets. Even the one who draws a knife on me is managed by upper forces. When someone threatens to kill you, you should kill him first, and so I have no choice but to neutralize him.

However, once I catch him and tie him down, I must think about how to connect and unite the Jews. Then, I will be able to untie the Arab, and he will dance and rejoice with us.

Question: Does this mean that if you kill him, you don’t solve the problem?

Answer: This has never been a solution to any problem. But if your life is in danger, it says in the Torah that, when someone threatens to kill you, you should kill him first.

Question: How long do you think this conflict will go on?

Answer: It will continue until we correct it by the connection and unity among us.

The conflict refers to the conflict inside us. The terrorists and saboteurs are inside us. They are our desires that want to destroy the connection between us. If we destroy our internal damagers, then they will disappear on the outside.
From KabTV’s “Confrontation. How it works in reality” 10/28/15

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Discovering The Management System Of The World

laitman_254_01Question: There are many different currents in the world. Why should we believe you?

Answer: Don’t believe anyone, not even yourself! On the other hand, come and explore why and how the world works.

When you attain the proper, independent, and totally objective revelation, then you will begin to understand the general system of management and balance of the world. Kabbalah is the science that reveals this system.

Today, if you are certain that you can’t do anything, and all of humanity is convinced about this, all of the great ones of this world, then you are invited to uncover the system of control. This is real and completely clear, without anyone believing anything.

First of all, you need to correctly configure your conceptual apparatus. The study of Kabbalah opens these possibilities for you.

You begin to understand how they are limited, why you only perceive our world, and how to expand the range of your sensitivity to feel the upper world. The upper world is the system of management of our world, and you learn how to influence it.

You discover that in the world today are people that Abraham chose in ancient Babylon. These are people who sense the yearning for the discovery of the upper world.

It is not an obligation for them to be Jews. It is all who sense the yearning for correction, the comprehend the purpose of life, who can enter into the feeling of this system and influence it. Only in this way do we bring our lives to a good state.
From KabTV’s “Confrontation. How it works in reality” 10/28/1

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 11.17.15

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