The Solution To Terror, Part 2–Cross National Education Not Utopia

laitman_263Question: How do you intend to unite the people if 40% of those living in Israel believe in the coming of the Messiah, 40% believe that we can reach a peace agreement with Iran, ISIS, and the Palestinians, and 20% hate us and dream of throwing us into the sea? Is it utopian to think some unity can be achieved here?

Answer: Of course, unity is not possible with the split that exists among the people and within each individual. And so we say that “love covers all transgressions”—this value will be the foundation of a new nation-wide education.

We accept people the way they are, without any suppression. It is only through education with explanations that ensure they understand that we need to unite above all our differences. It is very good that the nation of Israel isn’t a gray amorphous mass and that it has many currents and opinions.

People are boiling and seething with hatred and anger, and we shouldn’t extinguish or gloss over these feelings as other methods do. Over all these differences, we need to learn how to build a strong, reciprocal connection that is, in practice, love.

Although you hate those around you for some reason, you must love them. We need to learn how to integrate with one another and build within ourselves love instead of hate: love of others, of the Creator, and of yourself.

Thus we connect the two worlds. We hate anything that doesn’t belong to our “I,” and therefore we have to start connecting to what is opposite to us. In this way we build a vessel for attaining the upper world.

It is impossible to make everyone like you so that you would feel comfortable with connecting to them. You need to love others not because they are similar to you, but because you have a common goal to be one nation, to defeat your enemies, to find a solution for life.

How can we attain such unity above our egoism? There is the method of working in circles, where we can create a special force that doesn’t exist in each of us separately.

But if we connect and unite according to certain laws Kabbalists have prepared for us, then we create the force of unity between us despite our differences. This force helps us attain unity above hatred and to cover all the sins with love.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/5/15, Lesson on the Topic: “The Answer to Terrorism — Strengthening the Foundations of the Nation”

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