An Atomic Explosion Of Unity

laitman_936Question: Why do you say that it is necessary to invest all of our energies in connection and unity between people? I still have not seen any person in the world who did this and succeeded.

Answer: Receiving good energy and the opportunity to rise above the sensation of time and space, above all the negative resistance as if we are floating in the air, is possible only on condition that we begin to connect and unite.

In a connection between two or more people, an intense positive energy suddenly begins to be revealed that is prepared to elevate them to very high levels above matter because our entire problem is that we are wasting our energies on conflict, confrontation, and competition. However, if we achieve unity and compromise, within this connection we discover enormous energy, like in an nuclear bomb.

In principle, from what is a nuclear explosion derived? It is simply connection to a critical mass. See what power is released from this connection, and at the time of the connection between people, this power will be many times greater. All of the spiritual power in the upper world, which is ready to elevate us above space and above our substance, is derived from connection and unity only.

If we were connected with each other, then in the stitches that connect us, we would discover the upper world. That is, all of the work is summed up by our connection and unity, and this is precisely what the entire Torah speaks about.

In the place of our connection, the opportunity to break out to the next level, to a higher dimension, to the upper world, is revealed to us. There, we will live without any suffering or trouble. This is because all of our troubles and problems result from our separateness.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 9/20/15

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