How Will The Next Generation Look?

Laitman_049_02Question: From the point of view of Kabbalah, what will become of the current younger generation that is growing up in an atmosphere of violence and terrorism?

Answer: I hope that though our efforts, and I say this with complete responsibility and great hope, this generation will be wiser than their parents.

They will understand that there is no other way out of the present situation but uniting and creating a powerful force between us that will affect the whole world. This is what we can do.

Imagine any other people now, for example, in Switzerland or in Finland, where everything seems to be fine. I was there not long ago and I know their lives first hand. They are in an inner state of subconscious waiting.

Immediately after the Second World War was a time when the peoples of the world secretly hoped that we would bring good to the world. But from the 70s of the last century their attitude to us began to change.

They understood that we want to be like all other peoples, and that we aren’t exerting a positive influence on them, denying them a quiet, tranquil life. Anti-Semitism is growing, and has begun pressure Israel. And today you are wondering about it.

If we look back five years, there wasn’t yet such a boycott from the United Nations and other international organizations. In Israel we were fed “candy,” lulled by what doesn’t exist. In fact, the world has risen up against us.

And all this comes from the upper management! We need to understand that this force is behind all of nature, so the imbalance between people is caused by us and directed against us. It is a system of forces, and not some kind of single entity called God that decided something. I say this as an investigator of nature.
From KabTV’s “Confrontation. How It Works in Reality” 10/28/15

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