The Enemy Is Among Us!

laitman_278_01Question: The current conflict between Arabs and Israelis affects everyone. 20% of the population in Israel today, in fact, are enemies, enemies living within the country.

If they actually revolt, it will lead to bloodshed that cannot be stopped. Therefore, there are two options: either integration or expulsion?

Answer: I believe that it is neither option. I totally agree with you: the enemy is inside us.

Within each of us there is an enemy that doesn’t allow us to connect and to unite, and so we are at a continuous war, not only with the Arabs, but with the whole world. Now Europe and America are beginning to rise against us and the rest of the world will soon follow them.

We have to look at everything from a much wider perspective. The point is not that Israelis should reach the supermarket safely and return to their homes unharmed, but that the world is advancing towards a special end and we are an active part in this process. Everyone is looking at us, whether we like it or not, pointing at us and accusing us.

We must understand what it really is, and we cannot keep denying it, asking the world to regard us like all the other nations. It will not happen! We are unique; we are responsible for something. What exactly? We need to understand what.

This is the reason that no expulsion or integration of the Arabs living in Israel will help. Only one thing can help us: the right mutual relationships between us, the right network of connection between the Jews.

Only then will we uproot the alarming inclination of an internal and external war in our country and the world. No ideology or policy, no other solution, can help here.

The whole world is at war because we the Jews are fighting among ourselves. We are in a state of unfounded hatred. Look at what is happening everywhere! We are not in the state we should be!

In the meantime we have to show the whole world that there is an option of mutual integral cooperation with one another, mental and spiritual incorporation in one another. We don’t know this yet, but nature still demands this from us.
From KabTV’s “Confrontation. How it works in reality” 10/28/15

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  1. Almost daily, you remind your students of the hatred that they will come to experience as they continue to study and exert to connect. In this article, and on your tv program, you explain that the fighting & hatred amongst us is the reason for all of the world’s problems including disastrous weather conditions. You recently stated on your TV program that we needed to “calm ourselves down” internally in order to correct these things. As a longtime student of BB, I’m pleading with you to start instructing us on how to do this internal work of calming ourselves down. Many BB followers have grown out of control in expressing the evil inclination, because they expect it to manifest as a result of their advancement. What we desperately need now is constant instruction on dealing with it internally, lest this outgrowth of evil expression within our ranks causes irreparable damage.

    Respectfully yours,

    Cindy in TX

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