A New Article By Rav Laitman On Ynet—”Hate Is The Terrorist Among Us”

a-new-article-by-rav-laitman-on-ynet-hate-is-the-terrorist-among-usA New Article On Ynet

“Hate Is The Terrorist Among Us”

The Israeli public is shocked time and again by the lies that the international media spread about the terror wave in Israel. Twenty-four hours after Abu Mazen’s false accusations regarding the “execution” of the 13 year-old terrorist Ahmed Mensara on the international media channels, the boy was seen being fed by the staff of Hadasa Hospital.

This didn’t stop the reporter of MSNBC from arguing on a live broadcast that the terrorist (in this case referring to another stabbing in Jerusalem) was an innocent passerby. Unfortunately, the terrorist was shown holding a knife on the split screen behind him and the reporter had to reluctantly change his version.

The question is: why should we expect a sympathetic response from the world? It has never happened! And if we want this to happen, we need to make some drastic changes. The hostility the world feels towards us is growing stronger from day to day. So it isn’t surprising that international organizations compete to see who will put the state of Israel on a more dubious public trial.

What Are They Actually Saying?

Instead of opening our eyes, we run around blindly insisting on pushing our uniqueness aside and assimilating among all nations, while the world treats us like a foreign body that has invaded human society and contaminates it. The world blames Israel for all the problems on this planet and there is no way we can escape this.

An ISIS activist who threatened us in Hebrew this week accurately described the enemy’s intentions “soon there will not be one Jew left in Jerusalem and all over Israel, and we will keep going until we eliminate this disease (the Jews) from the world.” It is a mistake to think that the media all over the world are lying. They express the great frustration they feel.  There is a clear message between the lines that we may not like to hear: Israel, you are responsible for the current situation!

Subconsciously they feel that there is something good and unique in the Jewish nation that they deprive the world of, and this is the reason that the whole world hates us.

What Do They All Want?

Goodness lies in the connection between us. When we unite, we are strong and invincible. So it is actually in the point where anti-Semites throughout history and leaders of terrorist organizations call for our destruction that we must close ranks and connect as one. Thanks to the hatred of the nations of the world towards us, we are forced to realize the one illness that is gnawing us—the lack of connection between us.

There is special power in the force of the connection between us that can stop the evil in the world and change the situation for the better. This stems from a spiritual root around which an ideological group called the “Nation of Israel” has gathered.

By using this force we will be able to stand as a firm rock against our blood thirsty external enemies that are flooding the Middle East. In the past, the wars in Israel and the threats it faced helped us unite in the face of a common enemy, while in the current wave of terror the enemy is among us, inside us. This is a new phase in the relations between us and it obliges us to reorganize them.

Hate Is the Terrorist Among Us

Instead of cutting each other off on the road or throwing Molotov cocktails in the Knesset; instead of “stabbing” each other endlessly on the social networks, we have to neutralize the “terrorists” who are revealed in the corrupt relations between us. The hatred directed toward our neighbor, friend, or family member is the terrorist among us.

The main message Abraham taught in ancient Babylon 3,500 years ago was that we should be connected. We were founded around this principle when we first gathered and united as a nation. We have an important role in teaching the method of connection to all of humanity. We have to be Light unto the nations—to offer an alternative of connection and unity to the dark and terrified world.

The wisdom of Kabbalah, including all our great spiritual leaders have been guiding us to fulfill this mission for ages. They pondered, dreamed, and wrote only about this idea and talked about it whenever they could. A united nation of Israel will be able to cope with the current intifada successfully and even put an end to it. Connection and unity are the key to real and sustainable peace.

I hope we will have better, more peaceful days.

Recently a new movement called the HaTovim [The Good Ones]—Mutual Guarantee from Kabbalah La’am was initiated. Hundreds of volunteers from all over Israel guard kindergartens every day. People who would like to join the protection project are invited to contact HaTovim headquarters. (Tel. 1700-509-209 and/or the Good Ones’ facebook page). Once you register, you will be scheduled to guard a kindergarten near your home.

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