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Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam tells us in the “Introduction to The Book of Zohar” how a person’s soul grows and how he attains his spiritual Partzuf when he ascends the spiritual ladder from one level to the next.

Our desire to receive is revealed in its shattered form on the levels of shattering. First these are big, general, simple, and easy levels. After all, the whole correction is fulfilled from the simplest level to the most complicated and the first steps help us advance to more difficult steps later on.

This is why we begin with the root level of the shattered vessels, from level of zero Aviut (thickness) , from the upper level of the still nature in us. When we correct it, we go further, deeper, into the second level and correct the vegetative level in us. Then the animate level follows according to the same principle, and finally we correct the speaking level in us. This is how we advance both individually and generally.

Baal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar,” item 52: “After he permanently purifies the vegetative part of his will to receive, he permanently rises to the world of Yetzira, where he attains the permanent degree of Ruach. There he can also attain the Lights of Neshama and Haya from the Sefirot Bina and Hochma that are there, which are considered Neshama and Haya of Ruach, even before he has been granted with purifying the animate and speaking parts permanently.”

We permanently attain what is typical of each world, while we attain what belongs to upper worlds temporarily as an addition.

Therefore, the acquisition of the Lights of Nefesh Ruach of the world of Yetzira permanently is accompanied by additional temporary attainments of the higher Lights of Haya and Yehida because every spiritual part includes all the other parts inside it.

Similarly, in the world of Beria, in addition to the Lights Nefesh and Ruach, I finally attain the Light of Neshama, and the Lights Haya and Yechida remain a temporary addition.

Question: I don’t understand what a permanent attainment or a temporary attainment mean.

Answer: Permanent means that I don’t lose my current level because I am already in it. I have corrected it and now it is mine.

On the whole, spiritual corrections are accumulative. Every state that I correct includes Sefirot that operate from the bottom up, and I attain them permanently. But there are Sefirot that I attain temporarily. I have corrected permanently everything that is below, but every level includes all the vessels KHB ZON and all Lights of NRNHY. I correct part of them temporarily, only in the framework of the current level.

Question: How can I correct something permanently if I enter the state of Ibur (conception) each time and discover increasingly more internal states?

Answer: Ibur is the building of the spiritual vessel in faith above reason, while permanently means something else.

If I reach the level of “professor,” for example, but like Steven Hawking, I discover a mistake in my earlier perception, does that mean that I lose all the previous knowledge I have? No, now I simply discover a greater Aviut of my desires, which is actually an ascent. It is actually the high level of professorship and the great scientific basis that enable me to experience such a dizzying descent and the collapse of all my earlier theories.

Although this leaves me in a great deficit, it is on top of all the earlier “pros” that haven’t disappeared. Later I will rise from the fall to an even higher level.

Here the question regarding the constancy remains and we’ll come back to it.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/18/14, Writing of Baal HaSulam

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