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Corporations Go On The Offensive

Laitman_408Transatlantic Trick?

There were massive demonstrations in Europe against the impending treaty regarding a free transatlantic trade zone among the European Union, US, and Canada.

In Germany alone, 250,000 people demonstrated, which underlines the crucial importance of the problem.

In short, the treaty provides for less regulated trade between participants on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Within its framing, fewer restrictions will hamper corporations and companies that export and import various goods. At first glance, everything looks fine: intensity of collaboration grows and cooperation among partners strengthens…

However, people are concerned that in practice the agreement will grant corporations excessive power and will alter existing laws and rules to serve the interests of big companies.

Today, the laws in principle, protect consumers’ interests, for example, that the meat they buy does not contain an excess of hormones or from unapproved medications so the population is not exposed to the danger of contamination and infection

Now this barrier could be undermined by easing state supervision that will allow corporations to do anything that benefits their wallets.

It will be more difficult for governments to call them into account and to legally restrict the market to the detriment of corporate earnings. As a result, big businessmen and corporations will grow stronger than their governments and will eventually dictate their will to their countries’ administration.

Beyond the Law

It’s not just another fear; it’s an ongoing process. Many years ago, I was invited to lecture in Switzerland. There were two buildings next to each other in the street: a bank and a government office building. A person who accompanied me joked that major decisions are not made in the Parliament, but in the financiers’ lobbies: every minister stops at the bank on their way to work and gets instructions there.

In fact, it is not a joke at all! During the last 10-15 years, a new situation emerged: people who have lots of money prevail over their governments. Business is now global, and this gives commercial companies unprecedented power and opportunities.

They can maneuver, move their operations and capital from place to place, and exchange resources “beyond official borders.” For them there are no boundaries. An army of well-trained lawyers is always at their service of them; they have enough money to buy anything, including governmental institutions. It is common knowledge the more money you have, the fewer laws one observes.

As a result, governments are dependent on big business.

The only exception are totalitarian regimes. Their degree of freedom is also limited, but they retain the decision-making power and do not have to consult and coordinate their resolutions with the rich. But any dictator can be neutralized by a “Rothschild,” by a financial elite aspiring to world domination.

The Benefits of Big Business

As a result, it runs the system, which is based senior businessmen. There are only a few dozen people—although, in fact, we are not talking about people, about money, about corporations. And, of course, they are “running the show.”

That is why our world is becoming increasingly global and integral. All of its parts are interconnected. Everybody depends on everybody. And this is good! Thanks to modern Croesus, we quickly discover that the world is round and inseparable.

A positive point here is that this promotes the realization of the evil that is essential to initiate the treatment. We reveal a disease: our connection in this joint and mutually dependent world is wrong! Our unity is negative. It’s as if we all live in one apartment, one country, one common space, not limited by artificial borders, and at the same time we continue hating each other.

Do I really care about fluctuation of yuan, or euro, or dollar? How do I personally depend on them? And yet, I do depend on them a hundred percent. Corporations “project” their global games on my personal wallet.

So big business “opens our eyes”: it binds and impacts us more than governments, demonstrating that the world is united.

At the same time, big business remains in the shadows: moguls and huge corporations impact politics, but I don’t see how the governments do their bidding and rely on the explanation of current events by TV newscasters.

Citizens of the World

Overall, this creates a situation of mutual guarantee, but with a negative sign. We all seem to depend on one bank, one source of supply, one mind, one desire, which is big business.

Theoretically, if the most influential people in the world gathered in one room, they would be able to determine everything that happens in the world. Their decisions would come true if not for the upper force.

So, their single power does not leave me much choice. I cannot, as before, ignore the distant events and neglect what is going on in other countries. Now, anything that happens around the globe is important to me, because today it all affects everything.

If we feel that the world is inseparably connected, it makes us “citizens of the world”: I depend on everybody and everybody depends on me.

Let’s say, I live in Europe. Why do I care about the local government if there are no borders and I can settle wherever I want? Differences dissipate, laws unify…

The last time I was driving on European roads,  I didn’t see much difference. Just when I entered Switzerland, I had to pay a fee. Otherwise, there are no borders!

People acknowledge that the world is unified; we recognize our interdependency. However, so far our unity doesn’t do us any good; rather, it hurts us.

Mutual Guarantee With A Negative Sign

Question: What does negative mutual guarantee mean?

Answer: We live in society; I, along with others, care for the common good; I contribute to the community and do not worry about the fact that others do the same. Everybody serves everyone else: some people take care of safety, some trade, others manufacturing, some medicine, some education, etc.

This is the ideal. In reality, it is quite different. We live in a big world where nobody cares about others. On the contrary, we either neglect our neighbors or take advantage of them. As a result, something unclear, incomprehensible is filling the vacuum of irresponsibility and anarchy.

“Our People” Rule

But the purpose of the power large corporations acquire is to build a suitable system of services for themselves. This tiny tip of the pyramid of the world provides itself with everything it needs. They have their own schools, universities, medicine and so on.

When the Queen of Jordan needs medical treatment, she knows where to go. She is seen individually without regard to political or diplomatic relations of her country with others. At this level, they all are “together.”

Thus, corporations created a kind of “international government” that has a real power. After all, the main force in our world—it’s money.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/8/15

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The Enemy Is Among Us!

laitman_278_01Question: The current conflict between Arabs and Israelis affects everyone. 20% of the population in Israel today, in fact, are enemies, enemies living within the country.

If they actually revolt, it will lead to bloodshed that cannot be stopped. Therefore, there are two options: either integration or expulsion?

Answer: I believe that it is neither option. I totally agree with you: the enemy is inside us.

Within each of us there is an enemy that doesn’t allow us to connect and to unite, and so we are at a continuous war, not only with the Arabs, but with the whole world. Now Europe and America are beginning to rise against us and the rest of the world will soon follow them.

We have to look at everything from a much wider perspective. The point is not that Israelis should reach the supermarket safely and return to their homes unharmed, but that the world is advancing towards a special end and we are an active part in this process. Everyone is looking at us, whether we like it or not, pointing at us and accusing us.

We must understand what it really is, and we cannot keep denying it, asking the world to regard us like all the other nations. It will not happen! We are unique; we are responsible for something. What exactly? We need to understand what.

This is the reason that no expulsion or integration of the Arabs living in Israel will help. Only one thing can help us: the right mutual relationships between us, the right network of connection between the Jews.

Only then will we uproot the alarming inclination of an internal and external war in our country and the world. No ideology or policy, no other solution, can help here.

The whole world is at war because we the Jews are fighting among ourselves. We are in a state of unfounded hatred. Look at what is happening everywhere! We are not in the state we should be!

In the meantime we have to show the whole world that there is an option of mutual integral cooperation with one another, mental and spiritual incorporation in one another. We don’t know this yet, but nature still demands this from us.
From KabTV’s “Confrontation. How it works in reality” 10/28/15

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The Birthplace Of The Good Is In The Heart

laitman_940Question: The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently accused the late Mufti of Jerusalem of convincing Hitler to annihilate the Jews. Why does this troubling idea of annihilating us repeat every few generations?

Answer: This idea came up right after the era of the forefathers. The Jews have always had to fight for their survival, ever since the time they were slaves in Egypt. The Jewish people have always been hated, especially since we fell from our spiritual height, from the spiritual level called “love thy friend as thyself.” We fell from love of others to unfounded hatred during the time of Rabbi Akiva, and we have been hated since then.

Question: I don’t know of any other nation that other nations are constantly trying to destroy, why is that so?

Answer: No other nation has an obligation to humanity to bring the positive force to this world that will balance the negative force acting in man and that will bring peace, balance, and harmony to the world. We have to bring the Light to the nations of the world, which means the positive force, by showing them an example of the correct connection and unity. Then everyone will connect according to our example. Let’s do it, because the whole world is yearning to become our pupils. The nations of the world have this desire subconsciously.

There are students from all over the world in our Kabbalah centers, people from 127 countries who are willing to study and who love us like brothers. They envy those who were born Jews and who can live in the land of Israel. It is their dream. This is an example of what happens if we show the world a good example of connection and unity and the method that enables us to attain them.  If we begin to teach the wisdom of Kabbalah to the nations of the world, they will become wonderful people. Everything depends only on us.

I have travelled all over the world and have spoken to many people from different countries. I can confirm from my experience that the moment we open the opportunity to speak to people about the method we the Jews have to bring the world, and let them feel it a little, they will be ready to do anything. After all, they feel to what extent the world lacks the positive force much more than we do. People want to unite, but cannot do so because the nation of Israel doesn’t convey this force to them. They feel it subconsciously in their heart and therefore blame the Jews for all their troubles.

Question: There are counties that have huge oil reservoirs such as the Gulf countries, and all their power is in this oil. What is the nation of Israel’s source of the power?

Answer: The nation of Israel has wells full of goodness and prosperity.

Question: How do you find them?

Answer: We have to look for them through the connection between us. We only need to connect, one Jew with another, and to stop treating each other badly, and a spring of good energy will erupt between us.

Question: Where can we dig to find the birthplace of the positive force?

Answer: Everyone has to dig into his own heart. This is the birthplace of the good. If you open your heart, you will discover a well of the water of life.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 10/25/15

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Answers To Your Questions, Part 110

laitman_249-01Question: How can I convey to my friends that only connection and a good attitude can strengthen us at such difficult times?

Answer: Through example!

Question: A question about dissemination. The problem of Europe suggests that we need to make an effort to be engaged with dissemination. But how is it possible to talk about the wisdom of Kabbalah with people who don’t want to listen? Could it be that it is enough if we only study?

Answer: First and foremost we must attain connection between us, after that with the Upper Light, and after that with those around us.

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Fire-Pans For Offering Incense

laitman_276_01The Torah, “Numbers,” 17:1 – 17:2: And the LORD spoke unto Moses, saying: “Speak unto Eleazar the son of Aaron the priest, that he take up the fire-pans out of the burning, and scatter thou the fire yonder; for they are become holy; …

Fire-pans for offering incense symbolize the vessel in which we want to resemble the Creator, to act with the intention of in order to bestow, and to mutually bestow unto Him.

Although the Torah speaks about desires, every spiritual action is expressed in our world in the form of corporeal objects. Therefore the depiction of the fire-pans they used to offer incense in the Temple were kept until our very days.

This means that people used to work that way with their desires, from which the Returning Light rose, meaning that they pleased the Creator and brought Him pleasure.

When a person works with the intention of in order to bestow, he resembles the Creator and thus becomes closer to Him and can adhere to Him. He ascends from Malchut to Bina and then from Bina to Keter; this is what the rising incense symbolizes.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/27/15

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 11.06.15

Preparation for the Lesson 

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Writings of Rabash, “Dargot HaSulam,” Article 818

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Lesson on the Topic: “Preparation for the Congress”

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Inheritance of the Land”

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