The Birthplace Of The Good Is In The Heart

laitman_940Question: The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently accused the late Mufti of Jerusalem of convincing Hitler to annihilate the Jews. Why does this troubling idea of annihilating us repeat every few generations?

Answer: This idea came up right after the era of the forefathers. The Jews have always had to fight for their survival, ever since the time they were slaves in Egypt. The Jewish people have always been hated, especially since we fell from our spiritual height, from the spiritual level called “love thy friend as thyself.” We fell from love of others to unfounded hatred during the time of Rabbi Akiva, and we have been hated since then.

Question: I don’t know of any other nation that other nations are constantly trying to destroy, why is that so?

Answer: No other nation has an obligation to humanity to bring the positive force to this world that will balance the negative force acting in man and that will bring peace, balance, and harmony to the world. We have to bring the Light to the nations of the world, which means the positive force, by showing them an example of the correct connection and unity. Then everyone will connect according to our example. Let’s do it, because the whole world is yearning to become our pupils. The nations of the world have this desire subconsciously.

There are students from all over the world in our Kabbalah centers, people from 127 countries who are willing to study and who love us like brothers. They envy those who were born Jews and who can live in the land of Israel. It is their dream. This is an example of what happens if we show the world a good example of connection and unity and the method that enables us to attain them.  If we begin to teach the wisdom of Kabbalah to the nations of the world, they will become wonderful people. Everything depends only on us.

I have travelled all over the world and have spoken to many people from different countries. I can confirm from my experience that the moment we open the opportunity to speak to people about the method we the Jews have to bring the world, and let them feel it a little, they will be ready to do anything. After all, they feel to what extent the world lacks the positive force much more than we do. People want to unite, but cannot do so because the nation of Israel doesn’t convey this force to them. They feel it subconsciously in their heart and therefore blame the Jews for all their troubles.

Question: There are counties that have huge oil reservoirs such as the Gulf countries, and all their power is in this oil. What is the nation of Israel’s source of the power?

Answer: The nation of Israel has wells full of goodness and prosperity.

Question: How do you find them?

Answer: We have to look for them through the connection between us. We only need to connect, one Jew with another, and to stop treating each other badly, and a spring of good energy will erupt between us.

Question: Where can we dig to find the birthplace of the positive force?

Answer: Everyone has to dig into his own heart. This is the birthplace of the good. If you open your heart, you will discover a well of the water of life.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 10/25/15

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