Israel: An Essential Unit Of The System

laitman_936Question: You say that if the people of Israel would only unite and create good relationships between themselves, then all the other peoples, especially our Arab neighbors, will take us as an example and also begin to relate to us well, but how is this possible if they don’t see and don’t look at us as an example at all but only search for how to destroy us?

Answer: All of this is correct, but the idea is that the forces that manage all of humanity move through a unit of the system called the “people of Israel” to the other part of the system called the “nations of the world.”

The greater the unity within the people of Israel, accordingly the forces that pass through it and influence all of humanity, are also harmonious and uniting. We don’t need to convince our Arab neighbors about anything. We only need to be engaged with ourselves because everything is resolved within us. Freedom of choice is given only to us.

None of the other people have any possibility of influence what is happening, now or throughout all of human history, except for the people of Israel and only regarding what is relevant to our relationships with each other.

So, we don’t need to go to other peoples and teach them how to behave. They automatically will receive the influence of the management that will unite all. First and foremost, this will lead them to a good attitude toward the Jews as a source of good.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 10/18/15

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