The Situation In Israel: Balancing Two Forces

laitman_232_06Question: Today many people accept the fact that only the good connection between us will save us from all our troubles. But at the same time, they realize that man is naturally against connection and unity with others. How can we solve this problem?

Answer: There is a method that Abraham developed. He didn’t invent it, but simply studied nature and saw that there is a negative force in it that constantly grows between us and in each of us, our ego; however, at the same time, there is also a positive force in nature that counteracts it.

We need to summon the influence of the positive force to us so that it will balance the negative force and thus enable us to be in a balanced state.

It is impossible to manage the negative force, get rid of it, destroy it, or subdue it, except by adding the positive force to our world. This is the method that Abraham discovered.

Since then, the people of Israel have been using it. Indeed there were good times in our history when we could use the positive force to balance the negative force within us and bring ourselves to a balanced, good, and peaceful life.

But this wasn’t always the case throughout our history. It hasn’t been since 2,000 years ago when we didn’t manage to keep the balance between the two forces; the negative force, our ego, grew which led to the destruction of the Temple.

Today, we are in the same situation. The laws of nature haven’t changed. We need to learn how to draw the positive force in order to balance the negative force. We wouldn’t be able to survive without the negative force because, after all, the entire world exists as a result of opposites: plus and minus, hot and cold, pressure and vacuum,etc.

There are always two opposite forces, and perfection depends on the balance between them. The problem of humanity is that we operate by the negative force only, while the positive force can be attained only through the wisdom of Kabbalah, the method Abraham discovered. We, his descendants, can spur this positive force to balance the negative force and thus bring peace, tranquility, prosperity, goodness, perfection, and wholeness to the entire world.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 10/18/15

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