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How To Counter Terrorism In Europe?

laitman_547_06Question: In an article published in the media it stated that ISIS and Al Qaeda have created a sophisticated network platform that is capable of identifying weak points in every nation. In contrast, the Western nations are struggling against terrorism separately and don’t coordinate their activities.

How can Israel and other nations contend with the terrorism that is encompassing the entire world today and defeat it?

Answer: It is only through unity! You cannot do anything against this force if you don’t connect and unite with others. Every nation will lose separately. The terrorists will choose targets to blow up in every nation and attack the central cities of Europe, and we cannot do anything about it.

A spiritual force must act against them. After all, in material terms, we are very weak. Today, taking into consideration their armaments and their communications media, we cannot deal with them.

We must search for how to neutralize them through the inner forces of nature, meaning only through unity. They are working with the force of hatred, so they can be overcome only by the force of unity.

If Europe were truly united—through education, the rapprochement of individuals and peoples, through the union of hearts, not through a common market and the control of the banks, if they were to give an example to the entire world of how to truly connect and unite, then no one would cause harm there, and the world has been attracted to them for the best for quite some time.

Question: So, how would you suggest that the nations of Europe struggle against ISIS?

Answer: They cannot deal with ISIS if they don’t begin to unite so that unity will become their highest goal.

Question: How will this influence ISIS?

Answer: According to the nature of things, on the inner plane, ISIS would begin to weaken from this. They suddenly would feel that they have no power to do anything. That is how they would feel!

In nature, there are forces that activate us. Do you want to intervene in all these forces? Please, you have the opportunity! However, this is only on condition that you come out with the positive force, with the force of unity. This is the force that is capable of defeating them!
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 11/15/15

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In The Wake Of The Tragedy In Paris, Part 3 – Why Is The World So Powerless Against The Terrorists?

laitman_547_05Question: Why has the world turned out to be so vulnerable to terrorists? The strongest nations, possessing the most powerful weaponry, are unable to cope with a handful of terrorists and have allowed them to exist for so long.

Russia bombed their positions, and the coalition nations imposed airstrikes, but the result is that the situation is becoming worse and worse. What is happening is absurd!

Answer: The world is not ready to unite against the terrorists. After all, in fact, the people have no sense they are facing an evil that they must eradicate from the world. Everyone agrees that it is necessary to fight them and destroy their positions in the places where they are so that it will not spread throughout the world.

However, in principle, no one is opposing them. If they lived within the borders in Syria and in Iraq and didn’t crawl outside, they would be left alone. People don’t feel that ISIS is the cause of suffering throughout the world. It is different in regard to Israel, about which there is a general agreement that the Jews are to blame for all of the troubles.

After all, anti-Semitism is a phenomenon that is inherent within human nature. Therefore, opposition to Israel doesn’t require the creation of coalitions and the acceptance of special decisions, and so everyone agrees.

We see the moment that something happens in the world, immediately they begin to look for how Israel is involved. They are already beginning to mention Israel in connection to the tragedy in Paris, no matter how paradoxical this is.

And it is not a paradox. This hatred is inherent in human nature and in the nature of the world because, in fact, it does depend on the general condition of the people of Israel.

This is a natural hatred, and people are not to blame for the fact that they feel this instinctively. We need to treat this phenomenon as real, rational, and begin to correct it. Then, we can transform this general hatred toward us into love.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 11/15/15

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In The Wake Of The Tragedy In Paris, Part 2 ‑ What Are The Terrorists Preparing For The World?

Laitman_408Question: The Internet exhibited a chilling video about how the members of ISIS killed hundreds of children all at one time. It resembles a picture of Hitler’s genocide.

Is it not time for Israel to intervene in what is happening in Syria to try to stop the terrorism? We blame the world for being silent and not protecting the Jews during the Holocaust: Why are we ourselves now silent?

Answer: Israel is not able to be involved in what is happening in Syria because this conflict is an internal Arab matter. This endless war has continued for their entire history, but it will seem like an innocent prank in comparison to those actions that they are preparing for the world.

The scheme of the Islamic extremists is very simple: either all the infidels will disappear from the face of the Earth as if they never existed or they will agree to become Muslims. On the way to attaining this goal there could be different accounts.

They could wait as long as there is a chance that you will agree: they could pressure you and encourage you. It could be that in the meantime it will be possible for you not to become a Muslim on condition that you will regularly pay them a large ransom.

Question: Do you think that they are preparing terrorist activities that will be crueler than what we have seen in Paris?

Answer: If terrorist activities sometimes happen in the streets of Israel, it is clear to everyone that many more actions had been planned but were thwarted and uprooted by the security forces. Otherwise even more terrible events than what happened in Paris would have occurred in Israel. But they don’t tell us about it so that the people will not become frightened.

Question: They say that the Israeli army warned about the terrorist action that was about to happen in Paris.

Answer: Israel even warned in advance about the planned bombing of the Russian airplane.

Comment: Judging by what is happening, the terrorists are inhuman, heartless. Such terrible pictures that they have actually created in life could not have been made in the most morbid imagination.

Answer: The terrorists come out from another part of nature and want to frighten everyone. They aim to demonstrate how decisive they are and that they will not stop at anything. They are not concerned about anything: to live or die, the most important thing is that there is a purpose and it must be carried out. This purpose must be achieved here and now, at any price.

And so we see that more and more people join them every day. This is because people love power, a clear goal, an aim that is worth living for. When a person becomes fanatic, his life becomes very simple. This is because otherwise a modern person doesn’t feel any fulfillment in life, no purpose. Culture, education, and science don’t interest him, everything is in crisis, at an impasse. It is not clear what one should live for. And suddenly something in life begins to shine for them. As a result, many young people from the West come to join ISIS.

It is important for the terrorists to show themselves as strong and violent so no choice remains for a person but to join them. And the more brutally and decisively they act, despising all, the more attractive they become in the eyes of the young.

A recent example was reported in the news that a Russian girl from a good family, a student at a university, was stopped at the Turkish border on her way to Syria, where she wanted to be recruited by ISIS. Not even the attitude that some Muslims have towards women intimidated her.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 11/15/15

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Answers To Your Questions, Part 113

laitman_622_01Question: Could you please explain what the five spiritual senses are, similar to what you have explained about the corporeal senses: what we can feel by them, where they are, and how we can reveal them?

Answer: These are senses that are in my attribute of bestowal and not in the attribute of receiving. They are inside us and we just need to develop them.

Question: What has the spiritual roots of the biblical expression as “Shibolet.”

Answer: Shiboletmeans descending threads of the Light from the head (top) part of the world of Atzilut.

Question: You speak about connection and unity between people. Is it a good idea to connect with people who are far from the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: No.

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Measuring Our Progress

laitman_250Question: In any study, there is a process of advancement. How can I assess my progress in the study of Kabbalah?

Answer: Progress in Kabbalah is when a person attains the material more closely and begins to identify with what he studies in the world around him.

He begins to see through the system of the world forces that manage this world and himself. This control system is called the general soul.

A person begins to realize how he can affect it, how it responds to his actions and influences him. He studies this whole cycle—actuating forces and receiving feedback. In essence, this is our entire life.

This is how we can get closer to the goal in a good way and not along the path of suffering. After all, what we feel in our life now is the action of the forces that lead us to recognize as quickly as possible the control system so that, ultimately, we become part of it and begin to manage our own lives so that there won’t be such troubles and sufferings everyday.

Everything depends only on us! We have freedom of choice precisely because we have the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Once a person recognizes and attains the system of control, he sees his states throughout his previous and future incarnations. He sees the whole way until the end of all the corrections. His is a life filled with meaning.

Question: How does that affect my daily life?

Answer: The moment you realize how to fill your life with an inner content at any given moment, what you do in your corporeal life becomes unimportant. You immediately begin to feel that you have something to do in life; every minute of your life, you gain something priceless.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 11/1/15

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The Redemption Of The First Born Son

laitman_605The Torah, “Numbers” 18:15 – 18:16: Every first issue of the womb of any creature, which they present to the Lord, whether of man or beast, shall be yours. However, you shall redeem the firstborn of man, and the firstborn of unclean animals you shall redeem.

Its redemption [shall be performed] from the age of a month, according to the valuation, five shekels of silver, according to the holy shekel, which is twenty gerahs.

All that is first born belongs to the upper level, to the priest (Cohen). A priest is an upper level that is meant to work only with the intention of in order to bestow. Therefore, a person who owns cattle must give the first born of the cattle and his first crop to the priest.

If a person has a first born son, he must redeem him from the priest. Today, we hardly observe this condition because we don’t know for sure who is a priest and who is not. There is no Temple, the land isn’t holy, and we are not in a state of “love your neighbor as yourself.” So these laws are virtually non-existent now.

But there are people who still carry out these conditions. For example, when I was thirty years old, I redeemed myself from the priest. After all, it is said that a person whose parents have not redeemed him must do it himself if possible. He buys five large silver coins, which he weighs and gives to the priest. In this way, he redeems himself from the priest.

But according to the spiritual work, it means that a person lightens the upper part of his soul so that it will work only with the intention of in order to bestow. He gives the priest the strength, which he has earned by himself, in order to receive from the priest the opportunity to acquire his desires and attributes of bestowal.

This is called sanctification. You give the priest money; in other words, your financial strength, and receive from him spiritual strength.

Question: Why is it necessary to redeem precisely the firstborn?

Answer: The fact is that the redemption of the first born is a revelation of a level, and everything that follows is the development of that level.

When you reach the level of “receiving in order to bestow,” it is as if you open it. Then, there is only its complementation, your other secondary attainments. This means that anything that comes after your first born is only the fulfillment of additions to him. The main thing is the first born. Therefore, this is also the reason that he inherits from his parents.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/3/15

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 11.25.15

Lesson on the Topic: “Conversation with the Moscow Group”

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