How To Counter Terrorism In Europe?

laitman_547_06Question: In an article published in the media it stated that ISIS and Al Qaeda have created a sophisticated network platform that is capable of identifying weak points in every nation. In contrast, the Western nations are struggling against terrorism separately and don’t coordinate their activities.

How can Israel and other nations contend with the terrorism that is encompassing the entire world today and defeat it?

Answer: It is only through unity! You cannot do anything against this force if you don’t connect and unite with others. Every nation will lose separately. The terrorists will choose targets to blow up in every nation and attack the central cities of Europe, and we cannot do anything about it.

A spiritual force must act against them. After all, in material terms, we are very weak. Today, taking into consideration their armaments and their communications media, we cannot deal with them.

We must search for how to neutralize them through the inner forces of nature, meaning only through unity. They are working with the force of hatred, so they can be overcome only by the force of unity.

If Europe were truly united—through education, the rapprochement of individuals and peoples, through the union of hearts, not through a common market and the control of the banks, if they were to give an example to the entire world of how to truly connect and unite, then no one would cause harm there, and the world has been attracted to them for the best for quite some time.

Question: So, how would you suggest that the nations of Europe struggle against ISIS?

Answer: They cannot deal with ISIS if they don’t begin to unite so that unity will become their highest goal.

Question: How will this influence ISIS?

Answer: According to the nature of things, on the inner plane, ISIS would begin to weaken from this. They suddenly would feel that they have no power to do anything. That is how they would feel!

In nature, there are forces that activate us. Do you want to intervene in all these forces? Please, you have the opportunity! However, this is only on condition that you come out with the positive force, with the force of unity. This is the force that is capable of defeating them!
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 11/15/15

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  1. Thank you

  2. Quite a revealing article and belief expressed!
    It seems that most people don’t know or understand what “UNITY” or the unifying force means in their lives! Perhaps I look at this in my own response to what is happening in my life at present!
    How is a person to be secure in UNITY as well as in the Unifying Force of G_D without feeling that his/her person is obliterated in the process?

    Thank you for the response

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