In The Wake Of The Tragedy In Paris, Part 3 – Why Is The World So Powerless Against The Terrorists?

laitman_547_05Question: Why has the world turned out to be so vulnerable to terrorists? The strongest nations, possessing the most powerful weaponry, are unable to cope with a handful of terrorists and have allowed them to exist for so long.

Russia bombed their positions, and the coalition nations imposed airstrikes, but the result is that the situation is becoming worse and worse. What is happening is absurd!

Answer: The world is not ready to unite against the terrorists. After all, in fact, the people have no sense they are facing an evil that they must eradicate from the world. Everyone agrees that it is necessary to fight them and destroy their positions in the places where they are so that it will not spread throughout the world.

However, in principle, no one is opposing them. If they lived within the borders in Syria and in Iraq and didn’t crawl outside, they would be left alone. People don’t feel that ISIS is the cause of suffering throughout the world. It is different in regard to Israel, about which there is a general agreement that the Jews are to blame for all of the troubles.

After all, anti-Semitism is a phenomenon that is inherent within human nature. Therefore, opposition to Israel doesn’t require the creation of coalitions and the acceptance of special decisions, and so everyone agrees.

We see the moment that something happens in the world, immediately they begin to look for how Israel is involved. They are already beginning to mention Israel in connection to the tragedy in Paris, no matter how paradoxical this is.

And it is not a paradox. This hatred is inherent in human nature and in the nature of the world because, in fact, it does depend on the general condition of the people of Israel.

This is a natural hatred, and people are not to blame for the fact that they feel this instinctively. We need to treat this phenomenon as real, rational, and begin to correct it. Then, we can transform this general hatred toward us into love.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 11/15/15

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