In The Wake Of The Tragedy In Paris, Part 1


Freedom and Permissiveness

Question: After the terrible terrorist attacks in Paris, which claimed the lives of 129 victims, many say that the Third World War has begun.

Answer: This is not yet the Third World War because it would be a nuclear war that would completely destroy our world.

Of course, I don’t minimize the significance of the tragedy that befell France and all of humanity. Unfortunately, these acts of terrorism have already become commonplace. A week ago, a Russian plane crashed in Egypt. On board, there were more than 200 people.

All of this is not yet World War Three, but these are its first symptoms. If we continue like this, then unavoidably, we will reach it because the entire world is deteriorating further and further downward, closer and closer to disaster.

Question: France is a nation with democratic values like liberty, equality, and brotherhood: the slogans of the great French revolution. How is it possible that, precisely here, the dark forces of evil have arisen?

Answer: Since the French revolution, democracy has experienced so many distortions. Freedom became unlimited permissiveness for all. This is not good. Everything must be balanced because, after all, our world exists on the basis of balance between two forces, light and dark, plus and minus, and cold and warmth.

All of nature is built on the mutual cooperation between two opposites. But if we are talking only about freedom without any limits, then it could bring terrible consequences even much worse than slavery or dictatorship. It is very difficult to stand against those who do evil when they are wrapped in the banner of freedom and democracy. So, all of the best things, even freedom, must be in the right proportion.

We have seen in recent decades that France has become a refuge for immigrants from Africa and the Middle East. In fact, in France, nothing remains of the old European nation, famous for its classic literature, culture, and education that once was. Only memories are left.

The former slogans of liberty, equality, and fraternity have become nice words that are not applied anywhere, and it is doubtful if it is possible to apply them; let’s be realistic. There is a democracy that we can discuss nicely like a theatrical play, and there is a harsh reality in which democracy hasn’t existed for some time.

It is necessary to differentiate between dreams and reality, with the deepest respect that I have for France, which became the first nation that led the entire world to democracy, a new culture and education. It should be noted that this was only a temporary trend. The stormy period of revival that gave Impressionism and all of the revolutionary innovations to the world has passed and ended.

Today, after close to 150 years have passed, we are in an absolutely different age. In our day, force and terrorism dominate. Instead of the colors of blue, white, and red, France has become the color green. This has had a great influence on all of its life. It is impossible to say that France is a French nation if 10% of its population are Muslims who are beginning to dictate their laws to everyone.

The president of France no longer represents it. Rather, it is the force that puts pressure on him. So, France has split into two camps, and the extreme right, under the leadership of Le Pen, want to restore it to its previous form even though they are almost fascists.

But in relation to the fear of terrorism that is now occurring in France, they no longer seem like extremists to the French. The French are beginning to lean toward this. There is no other escape except to cling to the line of the extreme right.
To be continued.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 11/15/15

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