Do Not Waste Your Life On Worthless Things

laitman_546_01Question: Every movement or doctrine must be represented in the media proportionally to the degree of its popularity. But the wisdom of Kabbalah is not so popular when you try to bring it out in the media.

Answer: This means, it will be popular.

I give it the greatest importance! I believe here is no other study in our world that a person must learn except the wisdom of Kabbalah. Nothing except it will provide us with a good life, access to the upper world, the truth of existence, and knowledge about the system of management.

Do you want to feel wholeness and eternity now? Feel it! Exist in it! At the same time, you do not destroy this world; rather, you will connect the two worlds together.

Why waste your life on all kinds of worthless things when you can provide yourself with everything good; after all, it comes from the abundance of the Upper Light, from the energy that descends to our world. Do it so that it will pour down in a direct stream, and everything will be yours.
From KabTV’s “Confrontation. How it works in reality” 10/28/15

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