The Soul And The Upper Worlds

laitman_232_10Question: How do Kabbalists communicate with the upper world?

Answer: Kabbalists exist in it, however, not as people, but as souls. After all, a Kabbalist is a person who has transformed his egoistic desires into altruistic, which are called his soul.

A soul is not something ghostly descending like a cloud from somewhere. It is not connected with the body. These are desires directed towards love and bestowal.

A person can sense the upper world, the system of the governing forces, within his corrected desires called the soul. The one who fills this world with pleasure is called the Creator. Everything is very concrete–in one place.

Question: And what is the Kabbalist doing in this upper world?

Answer: He is enjoying it.
From the Russian Lesson, 10/11/15

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