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A New Article By Rav Laitman On Ynet—”Hate Is The Terrorist Among Us”

a-new-article-by-rav-laitman-on-ynet-hate-is-the-terrorist-among-usA New Article On Ynet

“Hate Is The Terrorist Among Us”

The Israeli public is shocked time and again by the lies that the international media spread about the terror wave in Israel. Twenty-four hours after Abu Mazen’s false accusations regarding the “execution” of the 13 year-old terrorist Ahmed Mensara on the international media channels, the boy was seen being fed by the staff of Hadasa Hospital.

This didn’t stop the reporter of MSNBC from arguing on a live broadcast that the terrorist (in this case referring to another stabbing in Jerusalem) was an innocent passerby. Unfortunately, the terrorist was shown holding a knife on the split screen behind him and the reporter had to reluctantly change his version.

The question is: why should we expect a sympathetic response from the world? It has never happened! And if we want this to happen, we need to make some drastic changes. The hostility the world feels towards us is growing stronger from day to day. So it isn’t surprising that international organizations compete to see who will put the state of Israel on a more dubious public trial.

What Are They Actually Saying?

Instead of opening our eyes, we run around blindly insisting on pushing our uniqueness aside and assimilating among all nations, while the world treats us like a foreign body that has invaded human society and contaminates it. The world blames Israel for all the problems on this planet and there is no way we can escape this.

An ISIS activist who threatened us in Hebrew this week accurately described the enemy’s intentions “soon there will not be one Jew left in Jerusalem and all over Israel, and we will keep going until we eliminate this disease (the Jews) from the world.” It is a mistake to think that the media all over the world are lying. They express the great frustration they feel.  There is a clear message between the lines that we may not like to hear: Israel, you are responsible for the current situation!

Subconsciously they feel that there is something good and unique in the Jewish nation that they deprive the world of, and this is the reason that the whole world hates us.

What Do They All Want?

Goodness lies in the connection between us. When we unite, we are strong and invincible. So it is actually in the point where anti-Semites throughout history and leaders of terrorist organizations call for our destruction that we must close ranks and connect as one. Thanks to the hatred of the nations of the world towards us, we are forced to realize the one illness that is gnawing us—the lack of connection between us.

There is special power in the force of the connection between us that can stop the evil in the world and change the situation for the better. This stems from a spiritual root around which an ideological group called the “Nation of Israel” has gathered.

By using this force we will be able to stand as a firm rock against our blood thirsty external enemies that are flooding the Middle East. In the past, the wars in Israel and the threats it faced helped us unite in the face of a common enemy, while in the current wave of terror the enemy is among us, inside us. This is a new phase in the relations between us and it obliges us to reorganize them.

Hate Is the Terrorist Among Us

Instead of cutting each other off on the road or throwing Molotov cocktails in the Knesset; instead of “stabbing” each other endlessly on the social networks, we have to neutralize the “terrorists” who are revealed in the corrupt relations between us. The hatred directed toward our neighbor, friend, or family member is the terrorist among us.

The main message Abraham taught in ancient Babylon 3,500 years ago was that we should be connected. We were founded around this principle when we first gathered and united as a nation. We have an important role in teaching the method of connection to all of humanity. We have to be Light unto the nations—to offer an alternative of connection and unity to the dark and terrified world.

The wisdom of Kabbalah, including all our great spiritual leaders have been guiding us to fulfill this mission for ages. They pondered, dreamed, and wrote only about this idea and talked about it whenever they could. A united nation of Israel will be able to cope with the current intifada successfully and even put an end to it. Connection and unity are the key to real and sustainable peace.

I hope we will have better, more peaceful days.

Recently a new movement called the HaTovim [The Good Ones]—Mutual Guarantee from Kabbalah La’am was initiated. Hundreds of volunteers from all over Israel guard kindergartens every day. People who would like to join the protection project are invited to contact HaTovim headquarters. (Tel. 1700-509-209 and/or the Good Ones’ facebook page). Once you register, you will be scheduled to guard a kindergarten near your home.

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About Permanent And Temporary Attainment

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam tells us in the “Introduction to The Book of Zohar” how a person’s soul grows and how he attains his spiritual Partzuf when he ascends the spiritual ladder from one level to the next.

Our desire to receive is revealed in its shattered form on the levels of shattering. First these are big, general, simple, and easy levels. After all, the whole correction is fulfilled from the simplest level to the most complicated and the first steps help us advance to more difficult steps later on.

This is why we begin with the root level of the shattered vessels, from level of zero Aviut (thickness) , from the upper level of the still nature in us. When we correct it, we go further, deeper, into the second level and correct the vegetative level in us. Then the animate level follows according to the same principle, and finally we correct the speaking level in us. This is how we advance both individually and generally.

Baal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar,” item 52: “After he permanently purifies the vegetative part of his will to receive, he permanently rises to the world of Yetzira, where he attains the permanent degree of Ruach. There he can also attain the Lights of Neshama and Haya from the Sefirot Bina and Hochma that are there, which are considered Neshama and Haya of Ruach, even before he has been granted with purifying the animate and speaking parts permanently.”

We permanently attain what is typical of each world, while we attain what belongs to upper worlds temporarily as an addition.

Therefore, the acquisition of the Lights of Nefesh Ruach of the world of Yetzira permanently is accompanied by additional temporary attainments of the higher Lights of Haya and Yehida because every spiritual part includes all the other parts inside it.

Similarly, in the world of Beria, in addition to the Lights Nefesh and Ruach, I finally attain the Light of Neshama, and the Lights Haya and Yechida remain a temporary addition.

Question: I don’t understand what a permanent attainment or a temporary attainment mean.

Answer: Permanent means that I don’t lose my current level because I am already in it. I have corrected it and now it is mine.

On the whole, spiritual corrections are accumulative. Every state that I correct includes Sefirot that operate from the bottom up, and I attain them permanently. But there are Sefirot that I attain temporarily. I have corrected permanently everything that is below, but every level includes all the vessels KHB ZON and all Lights of NRNHY. I correct part of them temporarily, only in the framework of the current level.

Question: How can I correct something permanently if I enter the state of Ibur (conception) each time and discover increasingly more internal states?

Answer: Ibur is the building of the spiritual vessel in faith above reason, while permanently means something else.

If I reach the level of “professor,” for example, but like Steven Hawking, I discover a mistake in my earlier perception, does that mean that I lose all the previous knowledge I have? No, now I simply discover a greater Aviut of my desires, which is actually an ascent. It is actually the high level of professorship and the great scientific basis that enable me to experience such a dizzying descent and the collapse of all my earlier theories.

Although this leaves me in a great deficit, it is on top of all the earlier “pros” that haven’t disappeared. Later I will rise from the fall to an even higher level.

Here the question regarding the constancy remains and we’ll come back to it.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/18/14, Writing of Baal HaSulam

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Why Is The Blame On Us?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It isn’t enough that the whole world blames us Israelis for everything that is happening in Israel,  and even the wisdom of Kabbalah says that the Jews are to blame for everything. I would like to understand what exactly are we to blame for? You say that we are divided, but I am familiar with many good people who are friendly and help each other.

Answer: You are absolutely right, from your external point of view of the world. But if we go deeper into the system that connects all of humanity and manages all of nature, then it will be clear that the Jews are that very part through which the general force of nature influences and acts upon everything else. So if the Jews don’t behave correctly, all the rest suffer. Imagine yourself a small nation, a small group, that don’t unite well or correctly among themselves. So all the influences that pass through them to humanity go out negatively and lead to separation, opposition, and mutual hostility.

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains these laws, opens our eyes, and allows us to penetrate into the system and see the cause. From the point of view of your ordinary logic, you are right. But if we look further inside, we find justification for everything that is said in the Kabbalistic sources.

I relate to this like a scientist. My first profession was in biocybernetics, the second was in general philosophy and the wisdom of Kabbalah. in addition, I have a doctoral degree in ontology, the science of the general structure of the universe. When you study all these sciences, you begin to see how everything is organized such that all of the power of bestowal for the entire world moves through a group called the people of Israel.

This group determines everything: as much as it is connected, the whole world is also connected. If the Jews are divided and even hate each other, then the whole world will also be like this. The world justly blames Jews, because they instinctively feel that everything depends on us. Anti-Semitism and the negative attitude of the peoples of the world towards Israel indicate that they feel themselves dependent on the people of Israel. I understand that it is insulting to you to hear that they are blaming you for everything; I also used to think like you. But come, let’s not be short-sighted! The study of nature obligates us to agree with everything that is written in the Kabbalistic sources, the inner part of the Torah.

Question: Do you mean that we need to begin living in communes? Are you talking about unity like this?

Answer: No, we are not talking about creating communes. We only need to study the wisdom of Kabbalah and to begin to look at the world with different eyes, to see the internal system that manages all of humanity. Then your view changes and you will understand how much everything depends on you.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 10/18/15

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Steps Toward Clarity

laitman_229Question: The League of Nations was founded after WWI and the UN was founded after WWII; that is, humanity has always aspired to unite the world, at least externally.

Answer: These organizations were founded as a result of terrible afflictions and the desire to make the world a safer place. No politician in those days, no matter how tough, pragmatic, and experienced he was, could have imagined society the way it is today.

The elites who have the power in their hands calculate how to reduce the world population in the quickest and most quiet manner, not by wars but through local problems, by provoking unrest and civil wars in different countries.

Politicians are serious people who realize that natural resources are not infinite and that humanity depletes and burns all our natural resources. This is undesirable from the perspective of the leaders, and so it is worthwhile to reduce the world population by at least 70% -80%. And this is possible! There is no need to kill anyone and there is no need for wars. No one has any idea as to what we can expect if we use nuclear weapon. They need a clean and pure planet. In order to live on it and control it properly, half a billion people are enough instead of seven billion.

Why are they absorbing the Muslims in European countries? Because the Muslims who settle there have half the number of children they normally have and later even less and less because of the new circumstances. If they used to have fifteen children, today they have two to three.

Who is fighting on both sides in Syria? Young men. According to statistics, in Russia there is one young man for every four young women. If this goes on, humanity’s population will be cut in half in another twenty to thirty years. And so in a hundred years from now everything will be okay.

People who seemingly govern the world today don’t really want to know what is happening today, but they think about everything in a hundred years from now. But the point is that the world is managed by a totally different system, by an upper force that conveys through them the great ego related to their status. As it is said: “The heart of ministers and kings is in the hands of the Lord.”

The Creator conveys one policy through the world’s ruling elite, developing their egoism, and in Israel, a different policy, developing them to fulfill their mission. At certain times He causes conflicts between them and at other times He brings their connection.

This inclination to connect began in the middle of the 20th century, and now this ideology has advanced, entailing different eruptions including religious ones. Orthodox Christianity, for example, which has been concealed and banned for many years, has to complete its role now. Islam also has to complete its role because it hasn’t really developed and now wants to take revenge.

This is how the Creator operates both through Israel and through the world elites.

The Creator created the nation of Israel as a very small nation in which there are Levites and priests headed by Moses. A totally different force operates in this group of people, and if we focus this small source of radiation correctly, everyone will automatically turn to us and follow us. The elites will also follow us because we are all managed by the Creator.

But we are given the chance to intervene in this control, speed it up and turn it into a conscious advancement. I hope we will succeed in doing so. Humanity will perceive the wave that is coming from us and will realize that there is a solution that comes through the correction and illuminates for everyone, drawing everyone forward. We don’t lock people unto us and don’t turn them into robots or zombies, but rather, we educate them. Getting closer and joining us are the advancing steps of education.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/11/13

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“His Father Gives The White, Mother Gives The Red And The Creator Gives The Soul”

laitman_557Sometime after we reach a group, we hear that it is up to us to work on the connection between us, to become “as one person with one heart,” meaning to reach Arvut (Mutual Responsibility). So, we try to get closer to each other. For this, everyone needs to make some preparation.

Sometimes it takes several months and sometimes years until a person hears that it is only within the connection between friends, within a group, between people, that the Creator, the characteristic of bestowal, is revealed: the Kli and the Light.

It takes a lot of time until a person ultimately begins to work on the connection, on the importance of the goal, the importance of the upper force, bestowal, and the importance of the connection within which he realizes this idea, and the more effort he invests in love of friends, the stronger the rejection and various disturbances. They begin almost immediately.

There are people who are willing to endure all of the difficulties and work on the connection between them, despite all the obstacles. And others don’t realize that this is how it should be, and when they feel rejection, they don’t understand that this rejection comes from the Creator. They think that the rejection is justified, and they leave the game and quit the study.

If the person still invests effort in connection with the friends and wants to see his relationships whole and illuminated by the importance of the goal and the importance of the Creator, then with the passage of time, he begins to receive the Light that Reforms. He feels how a particular characteristic of Hafetz Hesed (Delighting in Mercy) is created within him. He already thinks less about himself and is more concerned about realizing the goal, wholeness. This is called “his father gives the white.”

The more that the person invests in holding onto the state of Bina, the state of absolute bestowal, the white of the father, the sensation of wholeness, the importance of the goal, and all the means that lead to it, the more he advances. Even though he experiences more ascents and descents, they are on the same line, the “right line.”

After that, the “mother gives the red” reaches him: criticism, the sensation of deficiency, meaning the “left line. Here, what is required of him is a confrontation, passing from left to right and from right to left. Clearly, it is up to him to yearn constantly for the right—for Hassadim (Mercy), for bestowal, for the “white,” for wholeness, for the importance of the goal, for connection with friends; whereas the criticism, the red of the mother, will arrive by itself and be revealed at the right moment and to the right degree.

So, they complement each other: the right line and the left line, wholeness and deficiency. It is up to the person to invest only as much effort as it takes to complete these lines as quickly as possible to their fullest extent, until he discovers despair within himself. After all, he will feel the deficiency all the time, the red of the mother, the left line more than the right.

As in ordinary life, we remember the unpleasant moments more than the pleasant ones since our substance is a desire for pleasure. Enjoying, is taken for granted, because it directly corresponds to my desire. If instead of the pleasure I suddenly get suffering, lack of pleasure or pain, the negative content in my desire, it is natural to think that it was undeserved.  After all, I expected something else.

So, in a person’s opinion, the left line always overpowers the right. He must fulfill these two lines as quickly as possible, until a prayer erupts from him to the “middle line,” that the Creator will reconcile his condition. He asks for help because he is not interested in being in the left line, in the feeling of deficiency, because this doesn’t allow him to thank the Creator. It is only for this that he is asking for the middle line, clarifying the letters of his prayer and completing the right and the left so that the deficiency in both of them will cause the creation of the middle line.

From this moment on begins the Ubar (Fetus) state. “His father gives the white, mother gives the red and the Creator gives the soul,” that is the beginning of the spiritual Ibur (Conception).
From the preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/19/14

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 11.03.15

Preparation for the Lesson 

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Writings of Rabash, “Rungs of the Ladder,” “On My Bed at Night”

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Preface to the Sulam Commentary,” Item 21 

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Nation,” “The Individual and the Nation”  

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