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laitman_229Question: The League of Nations was founded after WWI and the UN was founded after WWII; that is, humanity has always aspired to unite the world, at least externally.

Answer: These organizations were founded as a result of terrible afflictions and the desire to make the world a safer place. No politician in those days, no matter how tough, pragmatic, and experienced he was, could have imagined society the way it is today.

The elites who have the power in their hands calculate how to reduce the world population in the quickest and most quiet manner, not by wars but through local problems, by provoking unrest and civil wars in different countries.

Politicians are serious people who realize that natural resources are not infinite and that humanity depletes and burns all our natural resources. This is undesirable from the perspective of the leaders, and so it is worthwhile to reduce the world population by at least 70% -80%. And this is possible! There is no need to kill anyone and there is no need for wars. No one has any idea as to what we can expect if we use nuclear weapon. They need a clean and pure planet. In order to live on it and control it properly, half a billion people are enough instead of seven billion.

Why are they absorbing the Muslims in European countries? Because the Muslims who settle there have half the number of children they normally have and later even less and less because of the new circumstances. If they used to have fifteen children, today they have two to three.

Who is fighting on both sides in Syria? Young men. According to statistics, in Russia there is one young man for every four young women. If this goes on, humanity’s population will be cut in half in another twenty to thirty years. And so in a hundred years from now everything will be okay.

People who seemingly govern the world today don’t really want to know what is happening today, but they think about everything in a hundred years from now. But the point is that the world is managed by a totally different system, by an upper force that conveys through them the great ego related to their status. As it is said: “The heart of ministers and kings is in the hands of the Lord.”

The Creator conveys one policy through the world’s ruling elite, developing their egoism, and in Israel, a different policy, developing them to fulfill their mission. At certain times He causes conflicts between them and at other times He brings their connection.

This inclination to connect began in the middle of the 20th century, and now this ideology has advanced, entailing different eruptions including religious ones. Orthodox Christianity, for example, which has been concealed and banned for many years, has to complete its role now. Islam also has to complete its role because it hasn’t really developed and now wants to take revenge.

This is how the Creator operates both through Israel and through the world elites.

The Creator created the nation of Israel as a very small nation in which there are Levites and priests headed by Moses. A totally different force operates in this group of people, and if we focus this small source of radiation correctly, everyone will automatically turn to us and follow us. The elites will also follow us because we are all managed by the Creator.

But we are given the chance to intervene in this control, speed it up and turn it into a conscious advancement. I hope we will succeed in doing so. Humanity will perceive the wave that is coming from us and will realize that there is a solution that comes through the correction and illuminates for everyone, drawing everyone forward. We don’t lock people unto us and don’t turn them into robots or zombies, but rather, we educate them. Getting closer and joining us are the advancing steps of education.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/11/13

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