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A Kabbalist Researches Himself

Laitman_003.jpgQuestion: What criteria make it possible to speak about Kabbalah as a higher science?

Answer: The problem is that the wisdom of Kabbalah cannot be accessible to by every person who studies a few years in a university and already considers himself to be a budding scientist.

In Kabbalah, you must wait for internal changes where you begin to perceive the world according to completely new personal qualities that manifest in you under the influence of the development of a unique method.

Then you will begin to feel the world in an expanded form, above your former characteristics, and will observe its past and present sensations from the side.

This new reality makes it possible for you to be your own researcher; in fact, being on a higher level of attainment, you simultaneously feel your present physical level. We call that a beastly stage because it is perceived only through our physical (beastly) body.

A Kabbalist is a person who goes to the level of attainment through his new characteristics, perceiving the universe through them, which looks completely different to him, and simultaneously he observes his previous state. This means that he sees both what he perceives through his five corporeal senses and what he perceives in his new spiritual senses.

So, it is difficult for us to talk about the reliability and repeatability, the truth of this perception, because it is only in those who reach these changes within themselves. But everyone who have gone through them generally attain absolutely identical feelings. They begin to develop a recording, a reconstructing apparatus, a personal response.

In principle, they engage in exactly the same science as the scientists of our world, but it is on another, higher level. The only problem is ascending to this level, generating five new senses within myself to perceive our world through them, but more expansively.

Question: But every person has a personal root of this soul. So each discovers it in his own way. Does it follow that a Kabbalist is subjective until he or she reaches the full completion of correction and understands who, where, and why?

Answer: Yes, a Kabbalist can speak only about what he perceives. Only on this level does he have the right to express himself and, even then, in a very limited way because the accurate scientific understanding of every spiritual level is connected with all the other levels until the full correction of our perception.

So, even on the smallest intermediate levels, in every case, some parts remain that are not fully comprehended and we feel our limitations through them.

When we ascend the ladder of the spiritual worlds, we pass through 125 levels, but every one of them is apparently limited in the width and depth of its attainment. In other words, it is impossible to understand all the levels to the end as long as we haven’t completely gone through them.

Kabbalah recognizes and accepts this, so there exists within it a completely precise understanding of all its limitations.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah and Science” 10/7/15

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How Can We Change The Situation In Israel: Feeling The New World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it possible to bring the mission of the people of Israel to the attention of the ordinary Israeli who is preoccupied with day-to-day concerns?

Answer: An ordinary Israeli must simply know why we are in the center of the overall system. Ideally, we should, as much as possible, show a picture of the world, beginning from ancient Babylon where we were organized as an ideological group and began to be called the people of Israel.

In fact, the Jews are not a people but a group gathered by the priest Abraham who claimed that the unity of people awakens a positive influence on the conduct of the world.

3,500 years ago, a great crisis gripped ancient Babylon. People stopped understanding each other and fell into unfounded hatred symbolized by the Tower of Babel, a tower of evil.

It was precisely then that Abraham discovered the system by which the world is managed. He turned to the Babylonians with a call, “If we, humans, found on the summit of the pyramid, begin to connect and unite on the level of our world, we will begin to influence the internal forces of nature and their balance. Let’s unite! You shall love your neighbor as yourself is the key to our happiness. That is how wars and all problems will stop.”

Only a small group of people listened to him, and he created a people from them by uniting and educating them spiritually, and all the rest were scattered all over the world because they couldn’t find a common language between them. All the rest of the nations were formed from them.

Israel is the same ideological group that 3,000 years ago already lived according to the principle of unity—mutual responsibility (Arvut) and the love of others. To this very day, these Reshimot (spiritual genes) have been protected within us, and if unity doesn’t exist between us, we cannot be called a people.

The world is right when it condemns us, “You are to blame for everything because you haven’t brought humanity to a good state. You haven’t balanced the system of forces of the right and left,” and this system is found everywhere in our world: Plus and minus, attraction and repulsion, pressure and vacuum, cold and heat. Our lives depend on the balance between these systems.

The same thing happens within the human body. Bacteria, microbes, and fluids, and everything inside it must be in balance. Our health depends on this.

The same applies to our thoughts; both the positive and the negative must be in balance. Evil cannot be destroyed, we just have to balance it with good, otherwise the good will have no contrast upon which to be revealed.

We need this correct attitude to each with regard to the other. I think that the people have no other ideology, no other remedy for our present situation. So we must go out to people and explain this to them.

Question: Who are these “we?” Who can be considered a Jew?

Answer: In principle, it is all of those who belong to this spiritual direction. When Abraham gathered his group, there were no Jews at all. There were many tribes, families, and various clans. They formed Nimrod’s Mesopotamian Empire.

Only thanks to ascending above all the differences for the sake of attaining the next state of humanity was the group of Abraham formed.

Imagine you now are entering the level of the management of nature to balance everything that exists in the world: temperature, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, relationships between people, their personal situations, etc. That is how you release an immense amount of energy in nature. You don’t set one system against another, the right and left. They work together in harmony between them.

At the same time, you can move through expanses and attain the feeling of a new world. You are entering into a higher state, a balanced state. This is the feeling of the discovery of the upper world.

It means that “we” are those people who understand and perceive all of this to the very end, and we want to attain it. We must bring everyone to this state because all of today’s eight billion people constitute the same Babylon, which has expanded. The division of the population into numbers like this makes the perception of this task by each one of us easier. Imagine how difficult it would be if, instead of eight billion, there were, let’s say, eighty people, but mixed within them was the evil energy of all eight billion?!

In nature, everything happens according to quantity. It is a movement from quantity to quality, or the opposite, from quality to quantity. That is how the opportunity for correction appears.

Those who want to join this ideology, to unite with each other and manage the world’s equilibrium are called Jews, Yehudim (from the word “Yichud” – unity ) or Hebrews, Ivrim (from the word Avar”- crossing over), meaning those who move from an egoistic state to an altruistic state, while a person who lives according to the laws of our egoistic world is called a Goy, meaning not Jewish.
From KabTV’s “The Current Emergency Situation In Israel” 10/14/15

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From Crisis To Birth

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (To The Death Media):: It must be finally getting crunch time for the primary central banks around the world because on Oct. 10, the G30 group of global money printers admitted in a detailed report that the tens of trillions of dollars, euros, yen, and other currencies they have infused into the system has done absolutely nothing for local economies, and instead has accomplished what alternative economists stated would happen from the very beginning…

“Create asset bubbles, un-payable debt, and assure that there would be no sustainable growth. …

“Central banks have never had the primary purpose of protecting an economy , or judiciously regulating a nation’s money supply.  Instead their purpose, going back to their creations over the past 400 years, has been to protect private banks and through the tool of inflation, steal the wealth of a given country and then move on to new fields that are untouched by their locust instincts.  And with the U.S., Europe, Japan, and others standing on the precipice of near complete insolvency, the sociopaths within the global central banks are trying their best to deflect their failures onto someone else, and act like the results the world is experiencing was not their fault.”

My Comment: It is wonderful to discover that the egoistic world is collapsing and an altruistic world is being born. Even more wonderful is the help that is making its birth easier through the unity of those who want to be born together within a single new body, desire.

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Where Can We Find The Patent For Eternal Pleasure?


Question: Does Kabbalah have a patent for how to find enjoyment?

Answer: Our world enables us to enjoy less and less, despite the fact that we make enormous efforts: advertising, TV, all kinds of tricks, sports, leisure, and tourism. A person does everything he can in order to find enjoyment. And nothing. Everything disappears and fades away very quickly. In the past a person was happy with a piece of meat or cheese and some vegetables.  Today you walk into a supermarket and there is such an abundance that you don’t know what to choose, and still people have lost the taste in life.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is the wisdom of receiving, of pleasure and satiation. It explores the nature of our world, the desire to enjoy, and teaches a person how to do it correctly.

Why is the wisdom of Kabbalah considered a secret study that is concealed from people? Because people had to undergo a great multi-millennial history in order to find out that they cannot find enjoyment in the framework of our nature, while on the next level, the levels of the spiritual nature, they can be filled with an eternal upper pleasure.

This feeling of eternity is the feeling of the eternal pleasure of perpetual movement in a huge bed of love, comprehension, content, and revelation. This is called the upper world, the next world, the Garden of Eden. This is where the wisdom of Kabbalah is leading us and it is all open for us.

Question: Does a person have to do any special exercises or meditations in order to achieve that?

Answer: No. You don’t need to pray or to meditate, you simply need to study two or three hours at least a couple times a week. You can do every day. We have opened Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education Centers.

In addition to the study, we also have conventions in different parts of the world, from South America to North America, Europe, Russia, and other countries. Everyone is invited to these conventions, including those who have just begun to study.

The most important is the study of the correct mutual interaction between people because this is how you begin to understand how the system of connections in the upper world is built. It is opposite from our system, and pushes people to get closer to one another. It is actually in the connection between us that we find the entrance to the upper world.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/20/15

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Kabbalah Is For The Family

laitman_551_0Question: What is the meaning of life for a woman who has no family or kids? Could it be that she can find the meaning of life in fulfilling herself in society?

Answer: Today, most women hardly ask themselves that question. Having one child is the norm, and the family institution is becoming weaker because the rate of divorce in developed countries is now over 50%.

Today, we are less capable of sustaining a family and caring for children. At the same time, a woman still has the motherly instinct and the desire to have children, although, according to statistics, there aren’t that many. In addition, if the state ceased to encourage women to have children, there would be even fewer.

I believe that not more than 30% of the population have the desire to have children. The others have them automatically under the influence of social pressure guided by the assumption that, if everyone has kids and I don’t, it is time that I should get married also.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, a person must realize himself normally: to be a family man, have children, and care for his family. It is actually from this framework that he should grow spiritually as he learns the method of the right fulfillment of everything that he has been given in this world.

Question: Won’t the wisdom of Kabbalah lead to loneliness?

Answer: On the contrary, according to the wisdom of Kabbalah, a person must get married, have children, work and care for his family, and the Kabbalistic method teaches him how to sustain his family properly and to feel great pleasure and happiness in it for many years.

The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us about how the world develops and what is determined by nature, and how we need to fulfill, use, and manage everything correctly and not distort our life in any way.
From the Kabbalah Lesson 9/20/15

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 11.02.15

Preparation for the Lesson 

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Writings of Rabash, “Rungs of the Ladder,” Article 5

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Preface to the Sulam Commentary,” Item 18 

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Nation,” “The Individual and the Nation”  

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