How Can We Change The Situation In Israel: Feeling The New World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it possible to bring the mission of the people of Israel to the attention of the ordinary Israeli who is preoccupied with day-to-day concerns?

Answer: An ordinary Israeli must simply know why we are in the center of the overall system. Ideally, we should, as much as possible, show a picture of the world, beginning from ancient Babylon where we were organized as an ideological group and began to be called the people of Israel.

In fact, the Jews are not a people but a group gathered by the priest Abraham who claimed that the unity of people awakens a positive influence on the conduct of the world.

3,500 years ago, a great crisis gripped ancient Babylon. People stopped understanding each other and fell into unfounded hatred symbolized by the Tower of Babel, a tower of evil.

It was precisely then that Abraham discovered the system by which the world is managed. He turned to the Babylonians with a call, “If we, humans, found on the summit of the pyramid, begin to connect and unite on the level of our world, we will begin to influence the internal forces of nature and their balance. Let’s unite! You shall love your neighbor as yourself is the key to our happiness. That is how wars and all problems will stop.”

Only a small group of people listened to him, and he created a people from them by uniting and educating them spiritually, and all the rest were scattered all over the world because they couldn’t find a common language between them. All the rest of the nations were formed from them.

Israel is the same ideological group that 3,000 years ago already lived according to the principle of unity—mutual responsibility (Arvut) and the love of others. To this very day, these Reshimot (spiritual genes) have been protected within us, and if unity doesn’t exist between us, we cannot be called a people.

The world is right when it condemns us, “You are to blame for everything because you haven’t brought humanity to a good state. You haven’t balanced the system of forces of the right and left,” and this system is found everywhere in our world: Plus and minus, attraction and repulsion, pressure and vacuum, cold and heat. Our lives depend on the balance between these systems.

The same thing happens within the human body. Bacteria, microbes, and fluids, and everything inside it must be in balance. Our health depends on this.

The same applies to our thoughts; both the positive and the negative must be in balance. Evil cannot be destroyed, we just have to balance it with good, otherwise the good will have no contrast upon which to be revealed.

We need this correct attitude to each with regard to the other. I think that the people have no other ideology, no other remedy for our present situation. So we must go out to people and explain this to them.

Question: Who are these “we?” Who can be considered a Jew?

Answer: In principle, it is all of those who belong to this spiritual direction. When Abraham gathered his group, there were no Jews at all. There were many tribes, families, and various clans. They formed Nimrod’s Mesopotamian Empire.

Only thanks to ascending above all the differences for the sake of attaining the next state of humanity was the group of Abraham formed.

Imagine you now are entering the level of the management of nature to balance everything that exists in the world: temperature, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, relationships between people, their personal situations, etc. That is how you release an immense amount of energy in nature. You don’t set one system against another, the right and left. They work together in harmony between them.

At the same time, you can move through expanses and attain the feeling of a new world. You are entering into a higher state, a balanced state. This is the feeling of the discovery of the upper world.

It means that “we” are those people who understand and perceive all of this to the very end, and we want to attain it. We must bring everyone to this state because all of today’s eight billion people constitute the same Babylon, which has expanded. The division of the population into numbers like this makes the perception of this task by each one of us easier. Imagine how difficult it would be if, instead of eight billion, there were, let’s say, eighty people, but mixed within them was the evil energy of all eight billion?!

In nature, everything happens according to quantity. It is a movement from quantity to quality, or the opposite, from quality to quantity. That is how the opportunity for correction appears.

Those who want to join this ideology, to unite with each other and manage the world’s equilibrium are called Jews, Yehudim (from the word “Yichud” – unity ) or Hebrews, Ivrim (from the word Avar”- crossing over), meaning those who move from an egoistic state to an altruistic state, while a person who lives according to the laws of our egoistic world is called a Goy, meaning not Jewish.
From KabTV’s “The Current Emergency Situation In Israel” 10/14/15

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