How Can We Change The Situation In Israel: Who Has The Key For The World’s Happiness?

laitman_259_01Question: What is the mission of the Jews?

Answer: Kabbalah, the science of the upper governance, teaches us that we are under the control of the upper system of forces that operate on us and influence us to come to a state of integration, the more and more close these forces become, the more tightly we are locked together,

Accordingly humanity develops not only outward and upward, but also in the connection between each other. Therefore, in our world there is not only the sciences and culture, but also the Internet. Economic, trade, and political systems developed in our world in order to tie us together, but this connection has to be good and mutual and in everyone’s benefit.

In the law of the integral system there is only one option that the whole system should seeks—its maximum overall health, just like a healthy body, in which all the systems operate in coordination with one another.

Although these systems are opposite from one another by nature, as, for example, the lymphatic system differs from the circulatory system or the nervous system, they operate in full coordination, complementing one another, thus determining the body’s health. In our world, we cannot balance these two systems. The still, vegetative, and animate levels in nature automatically exist in such symbiosis.

But human nature has raised man above this system. We need to understand it, to perceive it, to incorporate in it, and use it correctly. Nature forces us to learn and to control this system, but we don’t want to.

Because the people of Israel don’t want to unite for the common good, we are the reason for all the problems in the world. Humanity feels this instinctively and therefore accuses us. Thus, as the sufferings increase, the pressure the world puts on us will also grow.

Question: But why is this happening today?

Answer: You have to study the system that governs the world in order to understand that. It is like going to the doctor who finds that I have dozens of problems. In principle they exist.

But in order to understand them you really have to learn the system. You may not always be able to explain even to a patient what he suffers from. He is simply prescribed  pills and sent home. Here, however, the pill we can give the ill society of the world is of a different character, of an ideological character.

The problem is that we should use this pill consciously because each of us has to ascend to the human level and not remain on the level of animal existence, although we don’t really want to leave it. But nature pushes us to a reasonable perception of its essence, and so we have no choice but to discover the general system that governs us.

It tells us about very simple things: If you want to attain the right unity between you according to the principle of “love thy friend as thyself,” you will balance the whole system.

Then the right and the left forces of nature, the positive and the negative, will mutually complement one another and be balanced. We must reach this. You will change human society and all the other parts of nature will calm down and we will come to harmonious relationships between nature and man.

But in order to do that, man has to change. He has to be educated and taught everything. Until we do that, until we establish an integral education system so that people will complement and get closer to one another, nothing will happen!

You may ask how it is possible to change eight billion people. The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us how this can be done. It says that all of humanity is built as a pyramid, with the people of Israel at the apex.

If you begin to engage in integral convergence between them, it will necessarily affect the whole world, which means that the nation of Israel will become”a light to the nations of the world.”

Then everyone will feel good; the anti-Semitic attacks will stop and the hatred people feel towards the Jews will disappear. They will see how the whole world, including our closest neighbors, will suddenly begin to treat us nicely because they will see that the nation of Israel brings the world goodness instead of evil.

This is the only thing the world is expecting of us! This is the reason that we are always accused of something. The whole world engages with one small nation, one single small state, Israel.

We keep complaining: “How is that possible! What is the UN doing?” This is the only thing the UN does. What is UNESCO doing? UNESCO keeps attacking us. All the newspapers in the world are filled with articles against Israel. Is there anyone in our favor? If we pay, someone may say something in our favor, but he doesn’t really think so!

This means that every nation and every person in the world, according to how developed he is, begins to feel that Israel has the key to the world’s happiness. This is what all the Kabbalistic sources tell us.
To be continued…
From KabTV’s “The Current Emergency Situation In Israel” 10/14/15

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