A Kabbalist Researches Himself

Laitman_003.jpgQuestion: What criteria make it possible to speak about Kabbalah as a higher science?

Answer: The problem is that the wisdom of Kabbalah cannot be accessible to by every person who studies a few years in a university and already considers himself to be a budding scientist.

In Kabbalah, you must wait for internal changes where you begin to perceive the world according to completely new personal qualities that manifest in you under the influence of the development of a unique method.

Then you will begin to feel the world in an expanded form, above your former characteristics, and will observe its past and present sensations from the side.

This new reality makes it possible for you to be your own researcher; in fact, being on a higher level of attainment, you simultaneously feel your present physical level. We call that a beastly stage because it is perceived only through our physical (beastly) body.

A Kabbalist is a person who goes to the level of attainment through his new characteristics, perceiving the universe through them, which looks completely different to him, and simultaneously he observes his previous state. This means that he sees both what he perceives through his five corporeal senses and what he perceives in his new spiritual senses.

So, it is difficult for us to talk about the reliability and repeatability, the truth of this perception, because it is only in those who reach these changes within themselves. But everyone who have gone through them generally attain absolutely identical feelings. They begin to develop a recording, a reconstructing apparatus, a personal response.

In principle, they engage in exactly the same science as the scientists of our world, but it is on another, higher level. The only problem is ascending to this level, generating five new senses within myself to perceive our world through them, but more expansively.

Question: But every person has a personal root of this soul. So each discovers it in his own way. Does it follow that a Kabbalist is subjective until he or she reaches the full completion of correction and understands who, where, and why?

Answer: Yes, a Kabbalist can speak only about what he perceives. Only on this level does he have the right to express himself and, even then, in a very limited way because the accurate scientific understanding of every spiritual level is connected with all the other levels until the full correction of our perception.

So, even on the smallest intermediate levels, in every case, some parts remain that are not fully comprehended and we feel our limitations through them.

When we ascend the ladder of the spiritual worlds, we pass through 125 levels, but every one of them is apparently limited in the width and depth of its attainment. In other words, it is impossible to understand all the levels to the end as long as we haven’t completely gone through them.

Kabbalah recognizes and accepts this, so there exists within it a completely precise understanding of all its limitations.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah and Science” 10/7/15

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