Direct Beam Leading To Infinity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What constitutes a request for the middle line, asking for the right line to be stronger than the left?

Answer: I ask that the left line does not cancel the right. In spite of the left line, I want to remain above it, in gratitude, bestowal, and love. I desire to work with the forces of the left line as if in the right line, so that “darkness will shine like the light.”

In the right line, there is no perceivable lack. The right line is perfection, gratitude, “whiteness,” and mercy. However, because the left line breaks through, I feel a lack and the need to augment the right line.

The problem is when I move from the left line to the right, the left line grows even more! I increase the right line again, and the left grows once more. Ultimately, I clarify through this work in the two lines that there exists a notion of the middle line that allows one to use the left and right lines correctly, despite their oppositeness. Due to the fact that they contradict each other, I have the possibility to build them one above the other, without canceling either one of them.

I do not choose one in order to erase the other, but instead, I begin to value the left line as well, since it is due to the left line that we have the ability to build the right. I also begin to value the right line even more, seeing its dissimilarity from the left. Both of these lines help me, gradually forming within me the respect for each of them. I see that, indeed, there is no evil in this entire governance. It is precisely this polar oppositeness that gives me the ability to open my eyes.

Until then, I had a very narrow perception, either from one side or from the other. I did not see anything other than this world. If, however, I balance darkness and light in order to perceive them as equal, by this I open a new channel for myself. The middle line is something new. It is neither the left nor the right line as we currently can imagine. It is impossible to imagine the middle line. It is an entrance onto that straight beam that starts in this world and ends in the world of Infinity.

The middle line refers to Adam, Zeir Anpin. This is the form of a corrected desire. Thus, due to the transitions from right to left and back to the right, I begin to value both lines, seeing how they sustain each other. I also see how useful it is for me to be in the left line relative to the right, and in the right line relative to the left.

In other words, I bring them both closer and do not leave either one of them. I begin to relate to the left line the same way as to the right. Previously, I wanted to fill my desire to enjoy, but now I agree to leave it empty, without fulfillment, in the dark. This gives me different colors, shades, and qualities, without which I could not reach gratitude, the state of true bestowal.

This is how I attain the middle line. Although the left and the right lines contradict each other, I still perceive them as equal, sublime, special, and necessary in equal measure. Therefore, precisely due to them both, I leave my egoistic attitude in which I valued one more and the other less. After all, what, in essence, can be given to me only by the right line and the state of absolute mercy (Hafetz Hesed), perfection in a state where I have nothing?

We still need to clarify many nuances pertaining to these concepts, but we are already very close to the third line.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/19/14

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