Listening To The Predictions Of Kabbalists

laitman_626Question: You warned the west 10 years ago of the Arab migration and about what would happen in Israel and in the world, but no one believed you. Do you hope they will believe you now?

Answer: Now everyone can see that it is so. If you open my old notes, going back 15 years, you will see that I wrote about what would happen in Europe, Russia, and America and about the Arab Spring. Ten years ago in a TV interview in Moscow I stated publicly that the Arabs would populate all of Europe, which would lead to a situation that I didn’t even want to speak about. Now we can see that ourselves, so why should I be a prophet and speak about bad things? Generally I can speak about what needs to be corrected, but individually it isn’t a good idea.

Regarding the future, I will tell you that both the Europeans and the Arabs that will populate Europe will turn against Israel and rise against us as on a crusade. No matter how hard we try to please the Europeans, their hatred will continue to grow. The Europeans will totally side with the Arabs and no one will be in our favor, just like in the days of Nazi Germany. Nothing will help us. On the earthly level we are losing everything! We can only win on the level of the upper world.

If you want that, I am inviting you. If you don’t, we will be in big trouble. This is the reason that we have to disseminate the message of the wisdom of Kabbalah among the people, so that people will find out and will know what it calls us to do and the reward it promises us for that.
From KabTV’s “Confrontation: How It Works in Reality” 10/28/15

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