In Time To Prevent The Illness

laitman_268_03Question: Isn’t the dissemination of knowledge about the wisdom of Kabbalah coercion because in any case nature is still developing us through confrontations and conflicts. That is how it has always been and will be.

Answer: Certainly. But if we continue to march along with nature, we develop under the pressure of pain, suffering and war.

But the study of the wisdom of Kabbalah makes it possible to see the future through an “X-Ray,” just as a wise person with the help of research, sees in what way he is sick in advance, and as long as the disease hasn’t progressed, he can prevent it.

We have two choices:

– Wait until the “illness” is discovered, and this would be such a pathology from which there is no escape, everyone will raise their hands and say: “Unfortunately we cannot do anything with these Jews. Perhaps they should be destroyed.”

– Or we see where we are going, and so in advance solve all our problems and those of the world. A wise person sees far ahead, as it is said, “The wise man, his eyes are in his head” (Ecclesiastes 2:14).
From KabTV’s “Confrontation. How it works in reality” 10/28/15

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