Why Is The Weather Becoming Unstable?

Laitman_708Question: Your post about the weather on Facebook drew a lot of attention. Why have you started writing about the weather all of the sudden?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about the general system we live in, and we are an integral part of that system. Therefore, one must be related to the other.

Interestingly, the weather deteriorates because of the central point of the system, which is inside man.

Our world is managed according to three lines. If we, the nation of Israel, are connected by good relations, the world will be managed by the middle line.

Question: Even the weather?

Answer: Everything, no matter what, every cell and every atom, and especially a complex system like the weather. It isn’t just the weather, but the entire universe influences us through the sun, the moon, and unknown effects, including different energy fields on our plane. This is a very complicated system we know very little about.

The whole system of the worlds, including our world, operates according to three lines: the right, the left, and the middle line. The right line is the force of Hassadim, the force of goodness and mercy. The left line is the force of evil, Gevura, which is opposite the mercy of the right line. The middle line balances these two lines.

In fact, everything depends on the balance between the left and the right lines, between mercy and judgment. We see that in our everyday lives. This is how we raise our children when we want to direct them to the right path and conduct them by alternating pressure and love so that everything will be balanced. It isn’t desirable for one to overcome the other.

It is the same when it comes to the weather. Normal weather in accordance with the seasons of the year depends on the balance between us.

Not too long ago, we didn’t have to correct ourselves since the weather did not depend on us, but starting from the beginning of the last decade, we have begun to feel that nature is becoming unbalanced and it is because we are not attaining the balance between us.

It turns out that we are not balancing the world. We are not correcting ourselves, and the lack of balance in the world is revealed to us that way. Instead of Hesed, mercy, in the form of gentle rain, we are flooded by storms.

There will be even greater storms, tsunamis and other problems related to water that are not controlled by the goodness of the right line anymore. We will witness even greater fires and terrible heat waves that will reach fifty to sixty degrees Celsius and volcanic eruptions under the domination of the left line.

We are not balancing of the middle line, so we are thrown from one extreme situation to another.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 11/08/15

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