Nature Is Our Home

Laitman_720Question: Do the stars influence the personal fate of a person?

Answer: Such a connection exists. But it isn’t the stars themselves that influence humans, animals, or plants; rather, according to the changes in the position of the stars we can understand which correspondent changes are happening on the levels of vegetative and animate. This doesn’t mean that one influences the other, but according to changes that happen in the heavens, on the level of the still, to which we pay attention, we decide that we must be changed too.

But the stars themselves are not the cause of these changes. It is not on the level of the still. It can remain absolutely hidden from us. But it influences the stars, plants, and people. We don’t see the real cause, and so we have no choice except to link our fate with the stars.

Thus humanity has learned throughout all of its history, from experience. They paid attention to particular plants that followed the moon. Others followed the sun. There were those that opened in the daytime and others that opened at night. From this astrology was born.

Astrology is based upon experience that human beings gathered. Over thousands of years they watched the phenomena of nature in the heavens and on the face of the earth and discovered how one depended on the other, how everything was connected. They constructed records, tables, and pyramids in South America and in Egypt. But all of this teaches only about the mutual connection of all the forces of nature that human beings discovered.

Even people who lived 10,000 years ago had already discovered that our world is global and that all things in it are linked to each other: human nature, the plants that are around him, the animals, nature, and the weather. Everything is connected into a single whole and in every part there are signs of all the rest of the parts, so much so is the system integrated.

Question: How does it follow that in ancient cultures this connection was already known, but because it didn’t since then it wasn’t developed and was even lost? Don’t we get the impression that the ancients were more developed than us?

Answer: The ancient people were more developed than us and were closer to nature. They weren’t afraid of nature; rather, they lived within it and so they understood and felt it. They understood nature better because they attributed everything that was happening with them to it. They connected their entire lives to it: The life of the family and their children, the nature of the person, everything that happens within the family and the community, the weather, the behavior of the animals, and the state of the crop yields in the field.

For them this was one world, and from this perspective, they were more advanced than modern man. Through the development of technologies we have detached ourselves from nature and have stopped respecting and valuing it, feeling it as our home. We will soon have to return to this perspective.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/1/15

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