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Question: Is there such a thing as magic? Do we have the possibility to use supernatural force in order to change our reality?

Answer: No. The actual concept of “supernatural” must be reset. If we are talking about what lies above our being, then we can correlate the entire natural phenomenon to this realm.

We cannot influence the movement of Earth and other celestial bodies. However, we can calculate them. Thus many things have crossed from the mystic into the scientific realm.

However, there are still so many facts unknown to us, the roots of which slide away from our perception. In this area we are still weak; we are still standing before nature that we cannot figure out in advance. Meanwhile, a person yearns for security; he needs a “guarantee policy” against all threats.

This is where magic comes from. First, magic provides us with security against threats including enemies, that now a person can confront armed with a spiritual weapon. Second, it is an opportunity to start the attack, to establish one’s superiority, to cleanse the area of wrongdoers that stand on one’s path.

Supernatural for Sale

This is where many people make promises by claiming that they know how to do magic and will assist only if their services will be paid for.

There is black and white magic. If the first one is to cause harm, then the second one, in its turn, promises to help. Such a division, however, is purely arbitrary, just like children when they play bad and good people. A person feels weak before the forces that determine one’s life. A person would want to control one’s own fate and, therefore, comes to see the people “in the know.”

Besides all of this, the death of our bodies really scares us, as well as the unknown ahead. What will happen to my soul? Where will it end up? Can I escape hell and ensure I end up in heaven? This also causes a huge worry upon which others can make good money.

Question: Does this mean that there is no magic?

Answer: No, however, the problem is that everything that we refer to as the inner world of a man is associated with our psychology. As a result, a person can be influenced in such a way that it may seem like magic to one. In that regard, this happens to many believers.

There is nothing you can do about it because such are the properties of our psychology. Ultimately, everything comes from ignorance.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/18/15

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