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Laitman_715Question: Do the stars tell what my own fate will be like? What is so special about the stars?

Answer: Nothing! These elements, the stars in the sky, are constant, and from day to day, from year to year, from epoch to epoch, over the centuries, they go through the same cycles.

Therefore, we can calibrate the position of each of them at any point in time and connect it to our birth, a wedding day, or other events, or make a conclusion about whether to fight or make peace, and things such as that.

In essence, the sky is the time axis in which we exist. Therefore, it is not difficult for us to determine the movement of the stars where we are located. Clear and unchanged laws exist here.

Therefore, based on the date and place of birth, and the date and place of birth of parents and the positions of the planets at this time, you can see how nature affects us. After all, this effect does not come from the stars. Still, vegetative, animate, and human levels of nature are all on the same map within the same system.

Therefore, according to the law of nature in the still level, that is, according to the movement of the stars and their combinations, we can say that we can influence what is happening on the human level. And even though man and the stars are very distant, the system itself is one.

This is why there are signs on the map of the heavens. Based upon what has been observed for thousands of years, we can say that we can suffer damage or succeed in a particular case, with respect to this or that person or a couple going to get married or entering into some sort of a deal. To some extent, we can imagine this.

It is written in the Torah, for example, that Haman was a great astrologer, and Abraham himself once studied astrology, selling idols and amulets.

The problem is that ordinary people do not have the possibility of a reverse impact on their fate. In order to influence one’s own destiny—that is, the higher power—only one that knows how to do it can do it from the bottom upward.

Kabbalists are the only ones that can accomplish this. As it is written in a very famous saying of the sages, “Israel is above the stars and signs of good luck.” In the wisdom of Kabbalah, it is written how we can connect with each other, to be prepared for it not only to protect ourselves, but also to rule over our own destiny and rule over our luck.

Then, I look at the map of the heavens that the wisdom of Kabbalah reveals to me, and this map reveals the stars and the signs of good luck to me, the so-called Mazalot, the “drops of luck” (from the Hebrew word Nozel, or drain). These are the special lights that fall upon us drop by drop from a higher system, Rosh (head, brain) Atzilut, and influence us by forming all sorts of phenomena at the bottom, within us—the current and the forthcoming ones in the future. All of these forces are called signs of good luck (Mazalot).
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/8/15

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