It Is Impossible To Empty The Ocean With A Pipette

Laitman_120Question: How can ten people contain the information about the whole universe?

Answer: You don’t even need ten people for that, another person beside me is enough. The main thing is that I should exit myself. I perceive the world, reality, with my senses. I either perceive the internal reality to the extent that I can contain it or perceive it in an opposite manner the way it is on the outside and exit myself.

It Is Impossible To Empty The Ocean
Then the Masach (screen) on which I see the picture of the world is no longer inside me but on the outside. I now measure everything on the outside with regard to others. This is called “love thy friend as thyself,” which is an acquisition of a new sense.

Question: This is probably a qualitative change in our perception and not a quantitative one?

Answer: Of course! I exit myself and live there. This is how I perceive the true reality that is external to me. I don’t distort it by the corruptions in me and thus don’t see it as distorted.

I can either perceive all of reality only in my tiny vessel, as if using my tiny pipette to draw from a vast ocean of information and perceive only what it can contain, or I may exit this tube and contain the whole ocean since I have exited myself.

Question: It turns out that I remain with this tiny tube.

Answer: No, I simply acquire a new sense by this tube that is external to it. Thus I perceive everything there is in the enormous ocean.

Question: Don’t I need to acquire many tubes for that?

Answer: We have to simply exit it and leave the pervious egoistic perception. This means that you acquire ten whole Sefirot, and even if they are very small, they are external to you and this is enough to begin to feel the spiritual reality.

We never perceive the true reality that is external to us, but we develop more and more and get closer to the real picture. This indicates our ascent up the spiritual ladder.

Question: Why is a group of two people enough in order to feel the true reality that is external to me?

Answer: If many people connect and are ready to unite, it is easier for each of them to exit himself. But it is also possible for two to do it if they are together. There are cases when a person manages to attain the spiritual revelation all on his own, but it is very difficult. The more people there are who support you and who try to do it together with you, the easier it is to fulfill it. It is best when there are at least ten people.

Then you begin to see reality outside your body, which means in the Returning Light. It is not inside you but outside that you merge and integrate with the external reality.
From KabTV’s “The Meeting of Worlds” 6/20/14

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