Back To The Future

Dr. MIchael LaitmanQuestion: Scientists believe that our reality emerged as a result of the Big Bang and that we still continue to feel its effects. How does this perception of the world mesh with a new sense organ?

Answer: Of course, it will enable us to see all the phenomena that occurred before us and from which the spiritual reality was created, and we will reveal all its layers. But the main thing for us is to reach its roots, because in this way we simultaneously strive for the future and return to the past. It turns out that it is the same thing. It is possible to explore the upper reality by our senses like we now study the reality of this world.

We acquire a systemic approach, because we learn how we can, with our sense organs, enter into the feelings of others and build one with respect to another. We have been given all the necessary tools, a program to learn and move in a new perception of reality, perceiving it in its true form.

But at the same time, all of reality is imprinted in us, not somewhere outside. All our perception still applies to humans observing reality.

Question: What motivation do we have to exit today’s sensations?

Answer: The reason is very simple. We live within our sensations. If our sense organs stop working for some reason, it is called death. That is, we die and cease to perceive reality.

If instead of approaching death, you develop your sense organs, you will become immortal, because it is outside of you. Thus, you will turn into a person who lives forever, unconstrained, in an infinite space called paradise. This perception is above your egoistic desires.
From KabTV’s “The Meeting of Worlds” 6/20/14

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